Continuing candidates

Congratulations on successfully passing your Confirmation of Candidature! Please click on the links below for more information about:

 Faculty Funding Schemes

The Faculty funding schemes support the writing of high-quality applications with clearly articulated and targeted outcomes that support both the professional development of applicants and the completion of their research goals.

You are encouraged to work closely with your supervisors in order to produce a high quality application that addresses the questions in the application.

Faculty RHD Project Funding

Project funding is for contained, approved, projects/fieldwork/surveys.

  • covers expenses such as fieldwork; surveys and questionnaires (and associated costs); travel for data collection purposes; subject payments; and equipment.

  • does not cover purchase of publications; research assistant payments or associated costs; thesis production costs; conference attendance; nor workshops or intensive courses integral to research.

  • is available only once throughout your RHD candidature.

How to apply

Higher Degree candidates whose research proposal is approved are eligible to apply to this scheme.

You can apply for a maximum of $3,000, but preferably up to $2,000.

Applications are accepted from 3 January until the end of September each year. Applications submitted after the end of September will be assessed at the beginning of the following year.

Guidelines and Forms

Faculty Postgraduate Conference/ Workshop Funding – Competitive Scheme

A publication or other research outcome is expected to result from the conference/ workshop participation.

  • for expenses such as conference/ workshop registration fees, travel and accommodation.
  • Normally, funding is awarded only once during candidature.

Eligibility and How to apply

Higher Degree candidates whose research proposal is approved/ undertaking a research topic of 18 units or more are eligible to apply to this scheme.

You can apply for up to $1000.

Closing date: Wednesday 31 May 2017.

Guidelines and Forms

Examples of successful applications

We strongly encourage you to apply also to Student Finance - Scholarships Office for conference funding (see below).


Other Funding Schemes

Check the Scholarships website for details and closing dates of funding schemes additional to the Faculty schemes:

  • Overseas Fieldwork Award         
  • Overseas Travelling Fellowship
  • Research Student Conference Travel Grants NB earlier closing dates than for Faculty rounds.

RHD Professional Development Program

Check the RHD Professional Development Program for sessions relevant to continuing RHD candidates in the mid-stages.

 Software and Research Data Storage

The Software Licencing website provides details of the site and volume licensed software which is available to Flinders University RHD candidates (eg EndNote, NVivo, Sophos, SPSS).

IT applications support is available through the Centre for Educational ICT.

You have a personal U Drive on your computer to save ‘research data’ (defined as the data, records, files or other elements that form the basis of the main inferences, observations, findings, conclusions, outcomes or elements of a research project or publication). The U Drive is backed up nightly by ITS (Information Technology Services). RHD candidates are allocated approximately 400MB. If this is not enough, ITS will increase it (ph: 8201 2345).

Accessing your U Drive

There are two ways to access your personal U Drive. You can either:

  1. Log in to an on campus/networked PC with FAN and password, or
  2. Phone ITS help desk on 12345 option 2 and ask for Remote Access to set up a home computer to connect with the U drive at the University. ITS will approve this for current RHD candidates and provide instructions on how to do it.



As a researcher, you may wish to store and share your research activities by establishing an ORCID record. Research Services Office has more information.


EHL Loan Equipment Store

The loan equipment store (login required) has a pool of PC laptop computers, modems, digital audio recorders, mini disc players, disks, transcribers, microphones, projectors and digital cameras (still and video) are available for short-term loan, principally to undertake archival visits and fieldwork, either locally, interstate or overseas.

The equipment is distributed on a first come first served basis.

RHD candidates are asked to make requests through their supervisors.

For more information email

Please note
Equipment must be returned in the same condition that you recieved it. You will be liable if borrowed equipment is damaged in any way.

Travel and Other Student Insurance

The University's travel insurance is available if you go overseas for reasons primarily associated with your research and studies. It is important to note the University is not the insurer you need to satisfy yourself that the cover is appropriate to your own needs and circumstances.

Mid-Candidature Review

As a continuing candidate, you are responsible for following the Milestones Process - Flow Chart (pdf) to complete a Mid-Candidature Review (2 EFTSL for PhD, 1 EFTSL for Masters, year 2 for FTE EdD/R students). The purpose of the mid-candidature review is to achieve the following objectives:

  • assess whether the research higher degree candidate’s progress since Confirmation of Candidature remains satisfactory and that those Milestone requirements have been met
  • provide peer feedback to the candidate on the written submission and oral presentation
  • assess whether the candidate is on track to submit their thesis by the due date
  • assess whether the candidate’s professional skills are developing appropriately
  • assess whether the resources available to the candidate, including supervision and facilities, are satisfactory
  • identify any problems or issues to address
  • determine whether the candidature should continue.

For more information, see the EHL RHD Milestones (pdf) and the Office of Graduate Research RHD Milestones webpage.

Part-time candidates: Please note that you will be required to provide an Interim Review Report in between the formal RHD Milestones.

Funding Tips

Where should I publish?

Read Where Should I Publish? Advice for EHL Researchers for advice in choosing a publication venue so you and the University gain the greatest benefit for formal recognition and reputation.