Forms for candidates

Forms requiring School-level endorsement must be signed by the Dean of School nominee for RHD matters.

Please email completed and signed forms to or via internal mail to RHD, EHL Faculty Office, Level 4 Education Building. Keep a copy for your records.

Stage of Candidature Form

Every Year of Candidature

NB Research Student Maintenance for printing and photocopying is under review for the Colleges of BGL, EPSW & HASS and will be finalised for 2018

First Year of Candidature

RHD Student-Supervisor Meeting Proforma (DOC 24KB)

Confirmation of Candidature online form

Continuing Candidature*

*After research proposal/confirmation of candidature is approved

NB Conference and Project funding is under review for the Colleges of BGL, EPSW & HASS and will be finalised for 2018

Mid Candidature Review online form

Transfer of Candidature or Change of Project application form (DOC 95KB)

Final Year of Candidature

Final Thesis Review online form

The following forms are available from the Office of Graduate Research Examination and Completion webpage:

  • Submission of RHD thesis form
  • Application to restrict access to a RHD thesis
  • Graduation RHD thesis information  
  • RHD Allowances form

Extension Timetable (DOC 32KB)


Any Year of Candidature

Application for external candidature (DOC 189KB)

Variation to candidature form (DOC 186KB) Note: international students see ESOS flowchart.
Intermission cannot be applied for after the fact, except where medical evidence is provided.

Interim Review online form

Examples only: all Milestone form templates


Resources for Postgraduate Coursework Students


NB Printing and photocopying, conference and project support are under review for PG students in the Colleges of BGL, EPSW and HASS. These will be finalised for 2018.