Annual Review of Progress   ARP Checklist for PG Coordinators 2013 (DOC 62KB)
Citation Form for Graduation Ceremonies (PhD only)     Citation Form - Graduation Office (DOCX 23KB)

Conference/Workshop Funding Sem 1, 2014 (closes 29 March) /Sem 2, 2014 (closes 30 August)

  PG Conf-Workshop Funding Guidelines 2015 (PDF 33KB)   PG Conf-Workshop Funding Application 2015 (DOC 109KB)
Equipment Loans
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    Equipment Loan Form (PDF 103KB)
External Candidature Application     Application for External Candidature (DOC 189KB)
Extension Timetable (to be used with Variation to Candidature form)     Extension Timetable
Milestones     Faculty Milestones
Nomination of Examiners
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    Nomination of Examiners Form (DOC 858KB)
Postgraduate Coursework Student Printing Support (PGCW RSM)     PGCW RSM Application Form 2015 (DOC 70KB)
Postgraduate Coursework Student Support (PGCW RSS)   PGCW RSS Guidelines (PDF 105KB)   PGCW RSS Application Form 2015 (DOC 99KB)
Recommendation on Application for Research Higher Degree Candidates
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    Recommendation on Application for RHD Candidates (DOC 303KB)
Research Proposal Form (to be used by Schools after research proposal has been completed)     Research Proposal Form (DOC 153KB)
Research Student Maintenance (RSM) Application form 2015 (for printing/photocopying expenses)   2015 RHD RSM Application Form (DOC 74KB)
RHD Student Meeting Sheet     RHD Student-Supervisor Meeting Proforma
RHD Project Funding   RHD Project Funding Guidelines (PDF 107KB)   RHD Project Funding Application Form 2015 (DOC 115KB)
Submission of RHD Thesis Form      Submission of thesis form (DOC 824KB) Application to Restrict Access to RHD Thesis (DOC 173KB)
Transfer of Candidature or Change of Research Project      Transfer of Candidature or Change of Research Proj (DOC 95KB)
Variation to Canditature
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    Variation to Candidature Form (DOC 187KB)
Variation to Supervision
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    Variation to Supervision (DOC 293KB)