ACG Australian Competitive Grants C
 APA Australian Postgraduate Award C
 ARP Annual Review of Progress F
 ASRI Areas of Strategic Research Investment C
 ECR Early Career Researcher C 
 ERA Excellence in Research for Australia C
 FRC Faculty Research Committee F
 FRHDC Faculty Research Higher Degrees Committee F
 FURS Flinders University Research Scholarship C


 Full-Time Equivalent F/C
 IPRS International Postgraduate Research Scholarship C
 KAMS Key Accountability Measures C 
 NCL National Conference Leave F
 OCL Overseas Conference Leave F
 OSP Outside Studies Program F
 RAC Research Advisory Committee C
 RHD Research Higher Degrees F/C
 RSM Research Student Maintenance F
 RTS Research Training Scheme C
 URHDC University Research Higher Degrees Committee C

F = Faculty
C = Central