Welcome to the EHL Research website.

The site provides access to the application forms for internal Research funding, and to a range of services offered by the Faculty to support research activities.

All staff research funding other than study and conference leave is now treated as project funding. The Faculty continues to support Visiting Research Fellows, conference and workshop facilitation and publication support through the Small Research Project grant scheme.

Our modular forms reduce repetition in applications, and we have removed the requirement to provide a CV or list of publications with each application as these will be checked instead on the University-wide Research Management Information System (RMIS).

Importantly, EHL has increased accountability for funds received. Applicants need to commit to the production of high-quality outputs as a part of the application process. Every application for funding of any sort must now include a completed Outcomes form, identifying the planned research output (usually a publication), and the timetable by which it will be completed.

In addition to greater accountability and a commitment to publication outcomes, we are aiming to raise the number of high-quality grant applications we submit. We understand that grant applications require a lot of work in both the development and writing stages and we are now offering a number of services to assist you with your applications. These range from one-on-one writing and development help with the Research Institute RSOs and the Faculty Research Development Officer to the provision of critical readers for constructive feedback.

Our site includes a Research Tools section, presenting a selection of resources and tools to assist you in the preparation of grant applications. A brief list of granting bodies to which you may wish to address applications when planning your future projects can be found under the Research Funding Opportunities - External Funding heading.  We've also included a link to our database of research assistants. This database allows Flinders staff to make contact with those who have registered their skills as research assistants. The database is searchable by skill-type and is accessible to all staff using their FAN and password.

I hope you find the website useful and look forward to working with you on your research projects and grant applications in the time ahead.

Professor Richard Maltby
Executive Dean
Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law