The Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) is a unique course that provides extensive practical experience along with the high quality education of a Bachelor of Arts degree. It is designed for students who want to fill key creative roles in communication, film and multi-media industries. The Department of Screen and Media offers two separate programs within the BCA: Screen and Digital Media.

Prospective students
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Domestic students
Apply for the Bachelor of Creative Arts via the SATAC website:

(SATAC course code for BCA Digital Media: 214741)
(SATAC course code for BCA Screen: 214571).

 International Students:
BCA Digital Media - CRICOS code: 058429C. Apply through:  International Centre
BCA Screen Production - CRICOS code: 048586F. Apply through:  International Centre.

Intake into each program is limited and requires the submission of a portfolio. Further details, including program descriptions and topics are available here - follow the links to Digital Media or Screen. 

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) combines practical training in production with an emphasis on documentary and short film. All students are taught the basics of using equipment and post production, script-writing, film crews and other roles, and are provided with the opportunity to specialise in camera, direction, editing and producing. These topics are combined with a major sequence in Screen and Media, with topics on the aesthetics, history and theories of film, television and digital media. BCA Screen Fast Facts

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) offers a sequence of core digital media production topics. Students then select complementary topics in the areas of screen production, visual arts and/or computer programming. This degree emphasises hands-on projects and  the role of creative teams while encouraging students to explore a number of areas such as digital art, web-design, animation, graphic novels or game creation.

BCA Digital Media Fast Facts

For topics taught in the current year please see topics .

Please also see Honours for those considering an extra year of advanced study leading to the BCA (Hons).

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