The Bachelor of Media Arts provides an exciting opportunity for you to combine practical skills in Media with a theoretical grounding in a related discipline, and make connections to different industries or career paths.
In the practical element of the degree you take both Screen topics and Digital Media topics.  In the Digital Media component topics are available in multimedia, digital graphic design, 3D animation and effects, and creating interactive media.  Other topics in screen and media will help you understand how the creative industries work, including issues related to audiences, media policy, TV and gender.
There are seven related option areas from which you will study a selection of your choice:

  • Creative Writing: develop writing skills to apply in a range of creative and professional contexts.
  • Drama: understand the performing arts, plays, playwrights and directors.  You can also audition for the Drama Workshop, a performance stream.
  • Business: develop business skills in marketing, entrepreneurship and accounting to help you with your business future.
  • International Studies: for those looking to apply their media skills to areas with an international focus, in the public and private sectors.
  • Information Technology: for those interested in developing computing and programming skills an excellent companion to Digital Media.
  • Public Policy: there are numerous pathways in the public sector for those with an understanding of media theory and practice, including in local, state and federal government offices.
  • Tourism:  there are many synergies between tourism and screen and media, including travel shows, documentaries, marketing, and interpretation.  These may include tour guiding, festivals and events, and tourism management.

Bachelor of Media Arts