The Bachelor of Arts (BA) offers students maximum freedom to build their degrees out of the components that most interest them.  Within the BA structure, topics in Screen and Media can constitute the central focus of the degree (a "major sequence") or a secondary focus of the degree (a "minor sequence").  Screen and Media topics can also be taken to round out a BA in which the major and minor sequences are in other areas of study (for example, English, Drama, History, Languages, etc).  From second year onwards, students taking a major or minor pathway in Screen and Media may also be eligible to enrol in elective production topics.

For a list of Screen and Media topics, please see Topics

For a complete list of Screen and media topics offered in 2016, please see the 2017 BA Honours Handbook (PDF 338KB) .

Please also see Honours for those considering an extra year of advanced study leading to the BA (Hons in Screen and Media).

Please note:

Students in the Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary Schooling)/Bachelor of Arts have access to academic advice, should they wish to qualify for particular teaching areas that require specific topic combinations.  This arrangement has been negotiated with the School of Education.