The Department of Screen and Media has a range of equipment available for student use on productions through to post-production. We also have a range of specialised equipment for use in digital media production. Equipment is made available to students in the relevant topics and degrees, for use on assignments and coursework


The equipment store has a selection of Sony cameras, including NX3s, NX70s, and a Z7 which record to HD or HDV. We also have a Canon 7D and 60Ds. All cameras are issued with Miller tripods.

Lighting equipment includes: Redhead kits, Blondies, Chinese Lanterns and Dedos, and LEDs.  There are a range of C-stands, cutters, gels, frames, reflectors and stands. There are 2 field-portable dollies with tracks.

Sound equipment includes Sound Devices 302 mixers and solid state recorders, Sennheiser shotgun mics, and radio mics.

An Amphibico housing is fitted to house the Sony Z7 camera and is suitable for dives up to 100 meters. We also have camera bags for use with smaller cameras at shallow depths and at the surface.  This equipment is only for use by qualified divers and in compliance with the University Dive policy.

Please note: Production equipment is strictly only available for loan to enrolled Screen & Media students. Competency tests and field trip documentation/risk assessments (where applicable) must be completed prior to equipment being issued. If in doubt please contact the Screen Production Equipment Store on 8201-5790.


Screen & Media have Mac based edit suites for use in the Undergraduate, Honours and Masters programs. The edit suites are exclusively Apple, running industry standard software including AVID, Pro Tools, Da Vinci and Photoshop.

During the academic year, the edit suite computers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are used by lecturing staff to demonstrate and train students in post-production processes. Students have access to edit suite facilities for curriculum based exercises and projects.

Digital Media has a computer lab and software suitable for creating 2d and 3D animation, compositing and other VFX.

3-D Camera Array (Pictured above right)

Thirty cameras arranged in a circle fire simultaneously to create the bullet time effect best known from The Matrix. The rig is used to capture a 3-D moment in time.

Projection Dome

Screen and Media has the use of a portable projection dome which is used for screening a half sphere of image from a digital source. The dome can seat up to 15 people and can be used for screening circular or flat images. A spherical mirror is mounted on a projection stand and images wrap around the surface of the dome. Typically these are played on a laptop with stereo speakers. The dome is easily transported and can be set up indoors or out.

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