Students can apply to enter postgraduate degrees in Screen and Media if they have a Bachelor degree in a relevant field, or if they have equivalent professional experience.  Research degrees may require the applicant to hold a four-year (Honours) degree.  Some postgraduate degrees offered within the department of Screen and Media involve a research project culminating in the writing of a thesis, while others are structured around the production of a creative work and/or participation in coursework. 

Students considering postgraduate work in the School of Humanities at Flinders University (including Screen and Media) may be interested in visiting the Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities to acquaint themselves with some of the current research being conducted within the School.

The first step toward making an application for postgraduate study is to develop a project proposal and secure an appropriate supervisor. This may take up to two months so we advise that interested individuals make contact early in this process. Please submit the Expression of Interest form. The annual deadline for scholarships is 31st October. We advise that applicants intent on applying for a scholarship make contact with the Postgraduate Coordinator in early August so that plenty of time is allowed to develop the project proposal in consultation with an appropriate supervisor. International students should become familiar with the information about International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

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