Current students

Ian Hutchinson's PhD thesis is entitled, Showing Off the Star: the aesthetics of star display in the 1930s RKO Astaire-Rogers Musicals.

Patrick Lang's, PhD with creative component, Narratology: Examining Barthes' concepts of readerly and writerly texts.

Cole Larsen's practice-led PhD has an exegesis entitled Directing the Low-budget Feature Film. His feature film, Double Happiness Uranium was completed in 2013.

Katharine Neil's (for PhD) Design Tools for Game Design.

Dylan Walker's PhD thesis is entitled Cinema Distibution and Exhibition in Rural South Australia During the early 1930s.

Roger Westcombe, PhD, Hollywood’s Peace Time Propaganda of World War II.


Recent completions

Amin Ansari’s PhD thesis entitled,  Green Art: New Media Aesthetics in Pre- and Post-Election Events (Iran, 2009-2011)

Toby Bramwell's MA thesis entitled, Alternative Models of Contemporary Cinema Exhibition in Australia.

Nick Godfrey's PhD thesis entitled, American Cinema 1969-1971: the Critical Construction of the New Hollywood.

James O'Connor's MA thesis entitled, Player Responses to and Experiences with Narrative in Grand Theft Auto IV and other Open World Action Videogames.

Martin Potter's practice-led PhD entitled, Big Stories, Small Towns: The Practice of Participatory Web-based Documentary.

Helen Stuckey's PhD thesis entitled, The Beginnings of the Australian Games Industry.