Researchers from SHAPE are currently involved in activities and collaborations across a number of theme areas, all of which are underpinned by research regarding sport in society.


The current major theme areas integral to SHAPE’s productivity are listed below.

 Australian Football League

We have an ongoing research relationship with the Australian Football League.

We have recently provided a commissioned report regarding Retention Rates in Junior Australian Football, and are involved in the review and revision of the AFL Sport Education program.

 Body image

We are examining body image with respect to young males and females, as well as the impact of social media on young people’s body image.

 Coaches and teachers

We are investigating the implementation of ‘game sense’ pedagogy in Australian football and physical education.

 Gender and physical activity

We are undertaking a longitudinal study of boys’ health and physical activity as well as girls’ engagement with and disengagement from sport and physical activity.

 Young people and physical activity

We are investigating sedentary behaviours and nutrition amongst young people, and barriers and facilitators to physical activity for young people.

 School food and nutrition

We have extensive experience and expertise in school-based food and nutrition as well as school canteens.

We completed work with DECD in evaluating the Right Bite strategy across South Australia.