SHAPE’s research is of great value to the community and those with whom we collaborate, including researchers, educators, government agencies, peak bodies and the media.

We offer a range of exciting opportunities to partner with us.

Funding or co-funding applied research

SHAPE welcomes the opportunity to work with other organisations that may have applied research interests in sport, health, activity, performance and exercise.

We are available to assist in research opportunities and to explore different funding options for applied research, ranging from fully independently funded, through to joint-funded and publicly funded options.

SHAPE is also willing to host co-funded or fully funded researchers, and to work with other organisations to assist them to obtain public research funding through us.

Providing in-kind support

SHAPE welcomes collaboration with partners who wish to support us through the provision of in-kind support.

This can range from the supply of staff through to vital services for SHAPE.

Organisations that provide in-kind support will be given appropriate recognition.


SHAPE is available to conduct short-term consultancies to provide practical and rigorous advice on issues relating to sport, health, activity, performance and exercise.

Collaborative research projects

SHAPE publishes books, holds major conferences and provides a program of activities, all of which provide potential partnering or sponsorship opportunities.

We work collaboratively with sponsors to maximise their involvement.


Sponsorship offers access to SHAPE’s high quality research and provides opportunities for publicity in association with our publications and events website.