Executive Council and Advisory Board



SWAPv Executive Council


  • Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca KUOM, President of Malta (http://www.pfws.org.mt/ )
  • Professor Phillip Slee
  • Dr Grace Skrzypiec

The Executive Council to the Advisory Board contributes to the strategic direction of the research and oversees the key aim of the Centre to encourage, support and expand research and policy development in the fields of both mental health, wellbeing and violence prevention in educational settings.

This will be achieved by:

  • Annual communication involving the Directors and the Executive Council Member(s)
  • An annual report of the activities of the SWAPv
  • A written review process including an ongoing evaluation of the strategic directions of SWAPv


SWAPv Advisory Board

In addition to contributing to the strategic direction of the research, The Advisory Board assists in securing additional funding, and enhances our interface with community, corporate and political leaders.

  • Professor Phillip Slee, Director: email
  • Dr Grace Skrzypiec, Director: email
  • Prof Donna Cross (Edith Cowan University, Australia): profile | email
  • Professor Marilyn Campbell: profile | email
  • Ms Natalia Cárdenas Zuluaga Facultad de Psicología Universidad CESMedellin, Columbia: email
  • Prof Carmel Cefai (University of Malta): profile | email
  • Professor Lindsey Conner, Dean, School of Education, Flinders University: email
  • Prof Debra Pepler (York University, Canada): email
  • Prof Peter Smith (University of London, Goldsmith's College, UK): profile | email
  • Dr Barbara Spears (University of South Australia, Australia): profileemail
  • Dr Jorge Srabstein (Children's National Medical Centre, Maryland, USA): email
  • Professor Jonathan Cohen (Teachers College, Columbia University): email
  • Professor Soon-Won Kang (Hanshin Child Centre, Hanshin University): email
  • Professor Barry H. Schneider (University of Ottawa): email