International visitors

Ms Femke van Nassau from Amsterdam has a visiting student fellowship at SWAPv in September 2013 to establish links with SWAPv and research into student mental health.

Dr Antonella Brighi was a recipient of a Flinders University Visiting International Scholarship to SWAPv in June 2012. Her visit established the basis for international research and a cotuelle and MOU involving Flinders and the University of Bologna.

Professor Espelage from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, leads a team of undergraduates, graduate students, and devoted staff in a concerted effort to make U.S. schools safer from bullying and visited  SWAPv in November 2011 and presented a seminar on her research.

Professor Yuichi Toda from Osaka University visited the Centre in November 2010. Yuichi will presented a seminar on the topic of school bullying. This was followed by a conversation in which members shared information about the work each of us is involved in, to identify areas of mutual interest, to open up possibilities for collaboration, scholarship, and exchange.

Irene Feria Caballero from the University of Cordoba, Spain visited the Centre  in August 2010. Irene is researching a significant Spanish anti-bullying program — Convivencia means living together, sharing activities and life on a day-to day basis, with the guarantee that nobody is attacked or intimidated. Culturally it has a positive value, recognising that people look for the sharing of well-being.

  • In the legal sphere: respect for the rights of others
  • At an institutional level: the welfare of the whole community
  • In the psychological field: feelings of empathy and happiness to be with others including pro-social attitudes and behaviour

Links with international organisations

SWAPv is now linked with:

  1. Bullying Research Network : BRNET 
  2. Promoting Relationships Preventing Violence: PREVNet