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OASIS: Situated on Flinders University campus Oasis is a welcoming and enabling community, open to all, contributing to personal and communal spiritual enrichment, while promoting mutual respect and understanding of diverse religious paths and cultural traditions.

Wellbeing Australia is a not-for-profit Network  of people and organisations committed to developing the healthy relationships that lead to individual and community wellbeing, especially in education. 



The International Observatory of Violence in Schools (IOVS) began in 1998 and  is a non-governmental organisation focussed on  worldwide inter-disciplinary studies into violence in schools. The IOVS is managed by a Board of Directors comprising 22 members who are directly selected by the General Assembly of the members.





Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet) launched in 2006. PREVNet is a not-for-profit network of more than 120 leading Canadian research scientists from 29 universities and 65 national child and youth-serving organisations.