Susanne Koen has 15 years experience as a writer, researcher and editor in the field of youth at risk. She is currently developing a digital game, Shaping Destinies, for pre-service teachers to better understand the complexities of wellbeing and engagement  amongst youth at risk by recognising the effect of social determinants of health and risk and protective events during a student’s journey through school. For further information, contact Susanne at


Shaping Destinies (PDF 1MB)


Geoff Boyce spoke at the SWAPv meeting in April 2014 about establishing links between SWAPV and ith Oasis at Flinders University.

Geoff Boyce Oasis (PDF 6MB)


Femke van Nassau visited SWAPv from Amsterdam University (Institute for Health & Care Research) and presented her work on the implementation of programs - see Femke's PowerPoint

F van Nassau


Associate Professor Helen Askell-Williams' presentation at the European Developmental Psychology Conference (EDPC).

Young children's mental health outcomes (PDF 7MB)


Rosalind Murray-Harvey's presentation at the EARLI Conference,Munich, 2013.
Professional Learning in Early Childhood: Lessons from the KidsMatter Mental Health Initiative.

Professional Learning in Early Childhood (PDF 5MB)


Dr Damanjit Sandhu’s keynote presentation at the Collaborative Research Network (CRN) meeting in Perth (11th-14th Nov) . Dr Sandhu is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Punjabi University Patiala, India and was an invited speaker at the CRN meeting.

Dr Sandhu ERC (PDF 1MB)

Professor Neil Humphrey (Manchester University) presented two sessions at the recent FEFRI Symposium.

Critical issues on social and emotional learning (PDF 1MB)

SEL Research at the University of Manchester (PDF 1MB)