This research project seeks to offer participants a way of accessing the major archaeological sites around the Mediterranean region which are relevant to the study of the Bible and Theology. There are two elements to this project.

  • The first, and most important, is the provision of facilities at the Adelaide College of Divinity to enable computer-generated and conventionally photographed images of ancient sites to be displayed and studied by students and teachers of theology and Bible.
  • The second is the enabling of students and other interested enquirers physically to travel to the Mediterranean region to study first-hand these ancient archaeological sites. This aspect of the project is specifically addressed through the course THEO 3210 Study Tour: Lands of the Bible .

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Further Information
For further information about this research project, please contact:

Revd Dr Michael Trainor
"Archaeological Sites of the Mediterranean" Research Project Coordinator
Centre for Theology, Science and Culture
Adelaide College of Divinity
34 Lipsett Terrace
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