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I love our tourism degree because of the close knit relationships that develop within the degree. We all know each other as students, the teachers and have close relationships with the coordinators. If I ever need help, I know who to talk to and who can help lead me in the right direction with so much support in my choices. This is something that not all degrees are lucky enough to have. Tourism is a little family here at Flinders University.
Ruby Thomson – Bachelor of International Tourism (Event Studies stream)

As a service industry, tourism is rapidly expanding and a reflection of the increasing mobility of the world's population and the continuing need for refinement and reinvention. Today’s tourists want more than generic mass market experiences and they hold high expectations as to the level of service, the information and the kinds of experiences they will encounter. This, in turn, makes tourism an increasingly skills-oriented and sophisticated business.

Offering numerous job opportunities, employers seek graduates who understand the mechanics of the industry and the global phenomenon of tourism, and who are able to apply that understanding within an international, national or regional context. Whether they work with festivals and events, tour companies, museums, art galleries or visitor information centres – tourism graduates need to understand and have an appreciation of the arts, Indigenous and settlement culture, history, the way political and legal systems work, as well as the main features of contemporary society.

Through academic research, collaborative projects, industry consultancies, publications, professional development, and our leading undergraduate and postgraduate programs, Flinders Tourism provides our students with that comprehensive body of knowledge and skill set. Our goal is for our graduates to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of international (global) tourism and to leave us ‘industry ready’.

We have a suite of tourism programs at Flinders University for you to get involved with ranging from Professional Development (non-degree), Undergraduate (Bachelor of International Tourism) and Postgraduate (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters and PhD). If you are interested in our work and our study and training opportunities, please click here to Contact Us .    




Flinders Tourism and/or its staff are members of the following:

  • Australian Collaborative Network (ACEN)
  • Council of Australian Secondary Tourism Teachers (CASTT)
  • Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE)
  • Interpretation Australia (IA)
  • Guiding Organisations of Australia (GOA)
  • SACE Tourism Working Group
  • South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC)


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