Festival & Event Design & Management

"I attended your course in June and I wanted to let you know that it was the most informative course I have ever been to - I have already put some of your teachings into practice. Thank you for being so entertaining and explaining everything in such a positive and easy to follow manner"  
Sandie Baskin, Media Work Room Supervisor, 2006 Commonwealth Games

All Festival & Event Design & Management topics are being reviewed in 2018.

Future availablities will be confirmed in late 2018.

How to Design, Manage and Market Great Events

Festival & Event Design & Management

Flinders University offers a suite of programs in festival and event design, marketing and management.  The programs are available to professionals in the event management industry, people seeking to enter the industry, and to people planning to enter graduate level academic studies and are also taught as part of the Bachelor of International Tourism.

The programs have been developed in collaboration with Events South Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission.  They include courses based at Flinders University and courses and in-house programs specifically deisgned for industry and organisations.

The event industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding professions to work in, but for people working to produce great events, life just gets tougher. Insurance, a range of legislation and the financial management of events have become increasingly complex.  Environmental and access issues have arisen.  Income generation has never been more difficult.  Even for the smallest events, the commonsense approach that might have sufficed in the past no longer constitutes best practice.  Course content addresses these issues and equips those who seek to work in the industry at whatever level with the requisite skills and understanding necessary to confidently produce truly great events. 

 All Festival & Event Design & Management topics are being reviewed in 2018

Professional Development Workshops Not available in 2018

1.  Introduction to Festival & Event Design & Management -Next Workshop

Download flyer here (PDF 577KB)

A one day introductory workshop on the basics of event design, management, and marketing.

This course is not assessed and participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Award: Certificate of Participation
No prerequisites*
Not assessed

2.  Industry Certificate (Festival & Event Design & Management) - Next Workshop

A three-day seminar and workshop program aimed at industry professionals or those seeking more than a basic introduction to the industry. Applicants who have already completed the one day Introduction to... workshop will only be required to complete the final two days of the Industry Certificate workshop.  Participants receive Data CD (Vol. 1) Festival and Event Design and Management (Basic Systems).

Award: Industry Certificate (Festival & Event Design & Management)
No prerequisite* if doing the 3 day workshop
Prerequisite of the Introduction to... workshop if doing the add-on 2 day workshop
Assessed by written and practical assignment

* A very basic understanding of an Excel spreadsheet is an advantage.

Downloadable enrolment forms for the Introduction to ... and the Industry Certificate are available here. 
FEDM Application Form (PDF 47KB)  


University Award Courses Not available in 2018

3.  Graduate Certificate in Tourism (Festival & Event Design & Management)

People who have successfully completed the Industry Certificate, will be eligible for credit transfer into the Graduate Certificate. 

Award: Graduate Certificate in Tourism (Festival & Event Design & Management)
Prerequisites: available to those who have successfully completed a degree or the Industry Certificate in Festival & Event Design & Management (subject to University approval)
Assessed by written and practical assignment

4.  Graduate Diploma in Tourism (Festival & Event Design & Management)

More advanced studies building on the work undertaken in the Graduate Certificate

Award: Graduate Diploma in Tourism (Festival & Event Design & Management)
Prerequisites: available to those who have successfully completed a degree or the Graduate Certificate(subject to University approval)
Assessed by written and practical assignment

5.  Masters of Tourism (Festival & Event Design & Management)

For information regarding the Masters, please contact:


College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
GPO Box 2100,  Adelaide SA 5001
Telephone: 08 8201 2590
Email: HASSenquiries@flinders.edu.au


 How To Apply for the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma Using GradStart

Three easy steps:

1. Visit the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) website: www.satac.edu.au/uniweb

2. Link via the GradStart button. Click on 'Want to Apply?' to begin your application.

3. Submit your application.  You will be sent a confirmation email.  If you receive any correspondence from SATAC requesting further information you will need to supply what is requested.  Your application cannot be processed until all requested information is received.  Note: you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia to apply through GradStart.

You can apply for admission at any time during the year.  If you have any questions about the admission or enrolment process please contact: HASSenquiries@flinders.edu.au


Comments from Student Evaluations of Teacher / Topic

"Great topic. Very, very good teachers." "Very inspirational! Being taught by someone working in the industry today is so beneficial." "Real examples invaluable in illustrating concepts. Very interesting subject matter presented in a clear and engaging manner." "Teaching is very clear, well paced and methodical." "Solid knowledge base with vast industry experience." "The exercises were relevant and cemented our knowledge." "Steve is simply Australia's event God."