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"As an international student, I have found the Tourism degree at Flinders both fun and challenging. Not only am I getting knowledge required for future jobs, it also adds to my experience of Australian culture... Our lecturers all have close relationships with the industry, and draw on these to teach us skills that are relevant to working life, both in Australia and overseas."   
Kristin Helgerud | Visitor Information Centre Manager | Udval Tourism, Norway


The Bachelor of International Tourism (BITR) provides a strong foundation in tourism for undergraduate students.  Students not only develop a critical and theoretical understanding of tourism as a global phenomenon but also develop the skills to apply that understanding to international, national, regional and local circumstances by examining diverse industry practices in a range of contexts.  The degree is a three year degree, or four years with honours, and is open to both Australian and international students.

The Department of Tourism is excited to announce that from 2013 students will be able to undertake three separate double degrees: the Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Languages; the Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Business; and the  Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Arts  Students will exit with two degrees, and the ability to internationalise their tourism knowledge.  

Bachelor of International Tourism (BITR)

The BITR is an industry focused award, training graduates for diverse roles across a wide ranging and constantly evolving tourism industry. It comprises a group of common core tourism and business subjects and a suite of specialist topics from one of three specialised streams:


  • Cultural Tourism
  • Festival and Event Design and Management
  • Nature-Based Tourism


A range of core topics include International Tourism Management; Event Design and Practice; Interpretive Tour Guiding; Place, Culture and Tourism; Introduction to Tourism Research; Contemporary Issues in Tourism; Tourism Business Planning; Accounting for Managers; Marketing Principles. Students also undertake an industry placement and an industry-linked tourism research project.Download the Bachelor of International Tourism Handbook (PDF 1MB)
Download the Program of Study Tourism Electives Bachelor of International Tourism Course Rules

Bachelor of International Tourism (Honours)

The Bachelor of International Tourism (Honours) is a separate, stand-alone one-year program of advanced studies for students who demonstrate a high level of achievement on the completion of their ordinary Bachelor degree program. There are many reasons to enrol for an Honours degree. The program aims to develop specific knowledge and skills as well as further understanding and development of relevant research methods in the tourism research areas which are included in the undergraduate program. It is a research focused qualification that demonstrates students’ capacity and capability to undertake academically rigorous research at an advanced level in your research areas including: tourism policy and regulation, tourism planning and development, tourism management and marketing, cultural tourism, festival and event tourism, tourism geography. Honours also equips you with high-level research, writing and organisational skills that will be of great benefit whatever you choose to do after Honours. You can progress to a research higher degree (e.g. Masters or PhD); you can enroll in further study to hone your practical skills; or you can move into employment. Graduates of the BITR who achieve a sufficiently high academic grade point average (GPA) of 5 or better will be invited to continue with an honours year of study. During this course of study students have the opportunity to study alongside other students, in a range of disciplines, with a research focus and also hone their skills and ability to work independently.If you have a project in mind and wish to be part of this supportive and stimulating research environment, please contact Dr Gareth Butler, the Honours Coordinator for an informal discussion. 

Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Languages

The Bachelor of International Tourism can be taken in a combined degrees program with the Bachelor of Languages. The combined degree requires four years of full-time study or part-time equivalent. If you are interested in this option you must apply for the Bachelor of International Tourism combined degrees programme (SATAC Code 214842) and select the stream code for the Bachelor of Language.

The combined Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Languages provides you with the opportunity to combine study of the theoretical and practical elements of the tourism industry with the acquisition of language and cultural skills. The combined degree will allow you to either acquire skills in a second area of language other than English, or study a significant number of cultural topics. 

Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Business

The study of business is a natural partner with the study of tourism. The combined degrees of Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Business (including all specialisations) will provide students with the opportunity to combine the study of the theoretical and practical elements of the tourism industry with an in-depth understanding of business. As combined degrees they will provide domestic and international students with the skills and knowledge necessary to build successful careers in the tourism industry in areas such as marketing research, promotion and advertising, and business management

Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Arts

The combined degrees of  Bachelor of International Tourism/Bachelor of Arts are designed for those domestic and international students who wish to combine other areas of study with Tourism to increase their employability across a wider range of organisations and will produce graduates with the research, communication and problem solving skills necessary to work within this framework.

Industry Placement

Industry Placement or Work Integrated Learning is designed to be part of the process through which students learn about tourism and gives practical experience in the workplace that supports the academic program. It provides invaluable experience, knowledge and contacts and can help identify career directions.
"I recently took on a few of your students as Volunteers to assist with the Adelaide Fashion Festival and wanted to provide you with feedback on one student in particular as I was really impressed with Shannyn. Shannyn was taken on to assist with BOH and general events roles and was an extremely efficient, engaging and productive Volunteer. She asked questions when unsure of things and showed initiative and took on all tasks.  I don't like to single people out as all of our Volunteers at the festival (including the other Flinders students) were fabulous and did such an amazing job. I do however believe it's worth acknowledging a student that shows dedication and commitment, which Shannyn did".
Rebecca O’Dell | Volunteer Services Coordinator | City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters



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