2015 Undergraduate Student Research Projects

How Rapid Tourism Development Has Affected The Authenticity Of A Destination (Dylan Beach)
To what extent do students’ pre-departure expectations and post-departure experiences differ after attending Malaysian cultural heritage attractions? (Morgan Cameron)
Max Holbrook Trail: Identifying the strengths and weaknesses (Shaun Donnelly)
Family Activities at Wineries in the Barossa Valley (Laura Elson)
Achieving the best student learning outcomes on field trips (Jess Fox)
Role of social media in forming Flinders University students’ awareness of on-campus career services (Neil Golding)
An annotated bibliography on event experience and design (Alison Hanlon)
An evaluation of the representation of Malaysia’s major ethnic groups at neutral cultural heritage attractions (Shannyn Ingerfill)
What are the currently used terminologies in the event industry (Alex Kasprzak)
A Review of the Current State of Kuala Lumpur’s Public Urban Green Spaces (PUGS’s) (Grace McDonald)
Harris Park Heritage Walk (Jessi McIntyre)
An analysis of a backpacker enclave; The case of Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur (Leah McNeilly)
Differences in cultural heritage religious sites in Malaysia (Alexandra Pearsall)
Malaysia Research: The Relationship between Tourism Development and Authenticity (Beth Rackham)
How have animated films and television series impacted (geographical) imagination and tourism? (Narelle Rashleigh)
Case Study: Kuala Lumpur & Melaka, Malaysia (Heather Williams)
Analyse the significance of tourism change in Bukit Bintang, KLCC, and Chow Kit; using them as a microcosm for overall tourism growth in Kuala Lumpur (Ben Witkowski)

 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Accommodation Analysis of The City of Charles Sturt Council (Tara Wright)
Gauging the Cultural Value of the Adelaide Festival (Leah Pullen)
What experiences are on offer to children visiting wineries with their parents? (Rebecca Henderson)
An analysis of Children’s Activities at Fox Creek Cellar Door (Linda Moran)

 2013 Undergraduate Student Research Projects

Developing Best Practice for Interpretive Flora and Fauna Trails at Carrick Hill (Jenna Walker)
A Proposal for a Climate Action Trail at Narnu Farm, Hindmarsh Island (Sarah De Gennaro)
Marketing Plan for the Hills Sculpture Trail (Matilda Garrard)
Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the Max Holbrook Trail and how can they be improved (Shaun Donnelly)

 2012 Undergraduate Student Research Projects

2012 Kangaroo Island Sealink Seafood Feastival Marketing Plan (Hannah Kuhlmann)
A Study on Capping the Number of Houseboats on the River Murray in South Australia (Sara Atze)
Customer Analysis 2012 ABC Autumn Gardener’s Market (Ben McCallum)
Duck Flat Community Garden: Tour Guide itinerary (Matt Strother)
Gypsy Willow Business Plan (Skylar Warren-Blake)
Interweaving between Tourism Products and Food and Wine Products and Services on the Limestone Coast (Ashlea Hill)
Southern Flinders Ranges Walking Festival Feasibility Report (Emma Corr)
Space Tourism: Inception to Present Time (Jasmine Pohl)
Sydney Icons: an Interpretation (Sarah Paynter)
The Connection between Tourism Products and Services and Food and Wine products and services on Kangaroo Island (Kara Witcomb)
The Existing Literature on International Music Festivals (Danting Wei)
The Jacobs Creek Junior Adventures Trail (Will Overall)
The Sunday Mail City-Bay: A Forty Year History (Cassandra Sippel)


A Review of International Literature on Dark Tourism (James Seo)
A Review of International Literature on Screen Tourism/Film Tourism (Aino Suzuki)
Audience Behaviour as a Response to Stimuli Through the Five Senses (Isabella Kotlar)
Best Practice for Environmentally Sustainable Festivals and Events: A Green Checklist (Caitlin Moore)
Children’s Interpretive Activity for Ayers Historic House (Hemamalini Ramkumar)
Common Themes and Stories Connecting the 138 South Australian National Trust Properties (Zara Stavrakis)
Connecting Learning Styles with Interpretive Activities for Children (Brooke Wenzel)
Eat Pray Love – The Screen Tourism Phenomenon: A Local Tourism Industry Perspective (Leonie Mann)
Identifying Common Themes of National Trust Properties in the Adelaide Hills, Southern Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island Regions (Jemma Pilgrim)
Identifying Supporting Evidence for the Event Design Principles of Scale, Shape, Focus, Timing and Build (Melodee Trebilcock)
Review of Ecotourism and Nature Based Tourism Programs at Australian Universities (Melodee Trebilcock)
The Process of Qualification within the Tour Guiding Industry (Ben Maggs)


A Thematic Learning Trail on Biodiversity for R – Yr 2 students – Botanic Gardens of Adelaide (Bernadette Woods)
Adequacy of current accommodation offerings within Jamestown (Natarsha Graefe)
Capturing tourism dollars in Penola and Coonawarra from the Mary McKillop phenomenon for the Wattle Range Council (Vikki Collis)
Discovering the Rundle Street Lantern (Ryan Anderson)
Event Design and Experience Annotated Bibliography (Natalie Hunter)
Feasibility Study for the Adelaide Convention Bureau (Bronny Harris)
Flinders University Industry Placement Operations Manual (Kara Grant)
Fun and Games with Children’s Interpretation (Kim White)
Kangaroo Island Visitor Trends (Alisha Burgess)
SA Icons – 175th Anniversary of South Australia (Rachael Smigielski)
Social Impact of Events Annotated Bibliography (Cheryl Bentley)
Tourism and healthcare in the Outback – Impacts of Healthcare Services in the Flinders Ranges on Tourism in the Region (Ben Hambour)
Ways To Increase visitation in McLaren Vale (Alisha Burgess)
Food Tourism: Consuming the World (Kyoko Miyazaki)
Tourism Photography and Touristic Sites: A Review of Theoretical Underpinnings and Research Methods (Daria Tikhonova)
Socio-cultural Impacts of Tourism in Papua New Guinea Rural Communities (Mirriam R. Wally)


2005 IAA Conference Colloquium (Rachael Detullio)
Adelaide City Council - River Torrens Interpretive Signage for Pinky Flat (Bernadette Woods)
Barossa Vintage Festival Pilot Study (Jessica Brooks)
Children’s Interpretation (Rachael Detullio)
Criteria for the SATIC Tourism Awards in Category 26 (Cassandra Gee)
Customer Satisfaction Research in the Australian Cruise Industry (Melinda Holmes)
Developing a Storyline to Demonstrate Interpretation to Tourism Operators on Yorke Peninsula (Tamara Hughes)
Economic Impact and Visitor Satisfaction Level for the 2009 Barossa Gourmet Weekend (Myri Timotheou)
Elizapalooza Event Marketing Plan (Kym Sara)
Escapes from Adelaide Gaol 1838 – 1988 (Elise Gordon)
Harris Park Heritage Walk – Parramatta NSW (Jessi McIntyre)
Interpretation Programs identified to develop a Younger Audience for the Art Gallery of South Australia (Anna del Rio)
Investigation of Sustainable Tourism Practices of Nature-Based Tourism Operators and Companies in New Zealand (Nobu Fujiwara)
Issues of Authenticity and Commodification in Tourism: A Post-Modern Perspective (Liam Donohue)
Media Representation of the Adelaide Hills as a Wine-Based Destination (Olivia Lipman)
Old Adelaide Gaol Thematic Interpretation (Megan Collins)
Preparatory Documentation for SATIC Accreditation Research (Will Blunden)
Represented Destination Images of South Australia to Japanese markets created by the SATC (Ryo Morigaki)
SA Tourism Awards Entry Feasibility (Elle Marten)
Sinclair’s Gully Winery Interpretation Children’s Trail (Phil Osborne)
Survey of the Adelaide Cruise Ship Season 2008/2009 (Allyson Jones)
Tunarama Festival –documentation and oral histories that can be utilised in the promotion and celebration of the Festival’s 50th Anniversary (Kim Smith)
Tunarama Festival Marketing Collateral Report (Matthew Treloar)
Using the Heritage and Tourism Interpretive Framework (HATIF) to develop an Integrated Storyline for the Eyre Peninsula (Nikki Savaidis)
Working in the Backpacking Industry Research (Will Blunden)


Alternative Evidence Supporting Event Design Principles and Techniques (Nan Chai)
Andaman Islands - Feasibility Study – (Tom Langford)
An Audit of the Food and Wine Tourism Industry in the Fleurieu Peninsula (Abbie Leggat)
Barossa Valley Quirky Wine Label Quiz Trail for Children (Sarah Lovell)
Characteristics of Visitors to Fox Creek Winery (Tarlia Hill)
Children’s Interpretation  - Does Interpretation for Children exist in other countries, besides Western Society? (Lu Tan)
Children in Interpretation (Kim Schebella)
Children’s Methods of Interpretation (Rod Aguilar)
Christian Retreats – Feasibility Study (Vicki Lewis)
Economic Impact and Visitor Satisfaction Levels of the 2008 Barossa Gourmet Weekend (Alex Cole)
Existing Open Access Images of Festivals and Events available for the Development of a of an Image Database (Julius Kiema)
Interpretation on Kangaroo Island - providing KI Sealink drivers with a new story about Douglas Mawson and KI geology (Lin Chen)
Is Ooraminna Station Homestead eligible to become an Accredited Tourism Business under the National Tourism Accreditation Program (Prue Fargher)
Marketing Strategies to Position Old Reynella as a leading Heritage Destination (Nicola May)
‘Move Through Life’ (Dance) Market Research (Miki Kawaguchi)
Preparing Itineraries for Visiting Academics to the Adelaide Hills Region (Amanda Lynch)
National Heritage and Tourism Thematic Interpretation Framework – Storyline for the Willunga Female Immigration depot (Claire McGarvey)
South Australian Visitor Information Centre Visitation by Season Survey (Jess Laslett)
Tourism Award Submission Project (Kathryn Mroczek, Holly Pfeiffer, Jade Sendy)
Using Cultural Tourism to advance equal opportunities for Indigenous students on campus (Alice Thompson)
Willunga Quarry Market Visitor Survey (Ashley Crabtree)


Aldinga Beach Cricket Series (Christine Laundy)
Applying the National Heritage and Tourism Thematic Interpretation Framework (NHTTIF) in Chinatown, Melbourne (Yan Song)
Best strategies to add value and create awareness of the Kanawinka Geopark gaining UNESCO Geopark Accreditation (Matt Sims) 
Carrick Hill – Visitor Study (Irene Matronkin)
Carrick Hill Marketing Plan (Sun Ling)
Cellar Doors of the Mildura Region (Lucy McLeod)
Department of Environment and Heritage - the Interpretation Evaluation Tool Kit (Zoe Nicholas) 
How can Renaissance Air successfully introduce and market their product to the appropriate market? (Vanessa Wright)
Interpretation Evaluation at Seal Bay Conservation Park (Nicole Jaeger)
Interpreting Stories at the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre (Kimberley Hres)
Model for the analysis of the optimal event experience? (Sophie Button)
Opportunities and resources for students to assist with employment in the industry (Natasha Howeler) 
Quality tourism products located in the Fleurieu Peninsula appealing to Flinders University’s visiting dignitaries (Rowena Cooper)
Quirky SA (Ashlea Klingberg)
Review of 5 star hotels in Adelaide / IAA Venues Database (Antonia Bellifemini)
Special interest itineraries designed for academics and international visitors to the Flinders Humanities Research Centre and connected areas of the university (Stephanie Perham)

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