Faculty Work Health and Safety

The Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law (EHL) is committed to maintaining a safe work environment for all staff, students and visitors.

State laws are in place to protect your health and safety and specify your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. However, as a staff member, a student or a visitor to Flinders Universityyou have a legal duty to work responsibly and safely.

The University is continuously reviewing and improving safety issues, and the University WHS Unit works closely with the University Faculties and Divisions, to achieve a high standard.

Whilst on campus you must not endanger yourself, your co-workers, students or visitors.

This website is intended to keep you informed about WHS issues in the Faculty.  The University WHS Website is an important resource.

In the case of an emergency on campus, phone Security on 8201 2880 (external call) (internal dial 12880)
or 0 000 from a University extension
or from a mobile dial 112.