Getting to the screen:

  • Select My Approvals > Approve Requests

The Approve Requests screen will appear, similar to the image below:


Note: The approve request screen is broken down by type, e.g. Leave Bookings, Leave Reversals, Academic Staff T/S, Professional Staff T/S etc. You may need to scroll down the page to find the appropriate approval section.

  • Click on Record ID to view the full timesheet details.
    Note:  Do not approve timesheet from this front screen without looking at the timesheet in details first.
  • Click on the Approval Status Menu and select one of the following options:
    • Rejected - Select to reject the request (please enter a comment in the box explaining why the timesheet was rejected)
    • Approved - Select to approve the request
  • Click Update at the bottom and wait for the green Success message.

Note: Timesheets do not escalate if not approved after a period of time. If the approval person is going on leave, please email or email Payroll Services to nominate a delegated approver during the leave period.