Once a timesheet has been approved it will appear in the Timesheet History Screen.   If the timesheet you are looking for does not appear, try going to Pending Requests. 

Getting to the screen:

  • Select My Pay > Casual Timesheets > Casual Timesheet History
    The Timesheet History criteria screen will appear, similar to the image below:

 A date range can be entered to return timesheet between a period of time.

  • Select the required Start Date from the calendar drop down box.
  • Select the to date from the calendar drop down box.


  • Leave Dates blank to return all timesheet records.
  • Timesheet Type leave blank.
  • Click Find.

 An image similar to below will appear:  

  • Use the scroll bar located on the right hand side to view timesheet records further down the list.
  • Timesheets can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.  Only one column can be sorted at a time and this will be indicated by a small arrow in the column header.  The small arrow will point up to show that the column has been sorted in ascending order, click the column header again to resort in descending order, the small arrow will then point down.