To reverse an approved leave booking you need to find the particular booking either in your Leave History or Future Leave bookings.

To reverse a booking in the past:

  • Click 'Leave', 'Leave History'
  • Enter the search criteria to find the booking you need to reverse - the results should look similar to the image below:

Or, to reverse a booking in the future:

  • Click 'Leave', 'Leave Bookings'
  • Scroll to the base of the page to find 'Future Leave Bookings'

  • Click 'Reverse' against the appropriate leave booking.
  • A screen will appear with all the details of the leave booking
  • Click the 'Reverse' button
  • Click 'OK' to confirm the reversal - your supervisor will need to approve the reversal via the Employee Self Service before you can re-enter leave that overlaps the same period.

 Note: If the booking you wish to reverse does not display the reverse link, please ask your supervisor to email Payroll Services with the relevant details.