While a leave booking is pending (waiting to be approved) you have the option to delete the request from My Pending Requests as explained below.

If a supervisor has rejected a leave booking please delete it from your pending request menu prior to booking more leave.

Please Note: If the leave booking you wish to delete has already been approved it will no longer appear as a pending request, click here to find out how to delete/reverse an approved leave booking.

To delete a pending leave booking:

  • Select My Pending Requests
  • A screen similar to below will appear

Note: The pending request screen is broken into sections by type, e.g. Whole Day leave bookings, Part Day leave bookings, Leave Reversals, Casual Timesheets etc.

  • Select the leave booking you wish to delete by clicking once in the delete box against the appropriate record. A tick will display.
  • Click the Delete button located at the base of the page.
  • Click OK to confirm the delete.
  • Wait for the Success message.