Automated Email process for ESS Leave Booking Requests

Ideally, leave requests should be actioned by the initial supervisor within the first 6 days.
If action is not taken within the first 6 days, the automated email reminders and escalation process will commence as explained in the table below.

Who receives the email?
Type of email
Email Code#
When is the email sent?
Email is sent immediately at the time the leave booking is submitted by the employee.
Email is sent at 7 day intervals until action is taken.
Email is sent at 7 day intervals until action is taken.
Escalated Supervisor
Email is sent to the next approval level 15 days from the leave request created date.
Payroll Office
Email is sent to the next & final level 30 days from the leave request created date.

Initial Email & Reminder Emails

The supervisor who will receive these emails is the day-to-day supervisor designated in the staff member’s contract of employment. This reporting relationship is recoded in the HR System to enable the supervisor to approve ESS leave bookings and other requests.

The initial email is sent on the same day the request was created.
The reminder emails will be sent at 7 day intervals thereafter until the request is approved or rejected.

Escalation Process

If the initial supervisor does not action the leave request within 14 days, the request will escalate on the 15th day to the next supervisor level above.
The escalated supervisor is the person the initial supervisor reports to.
The escalated supervisor will receive an email notification on the 15th day followed by a reminder email at 7 day intervals thereafter until the request has been actioned by themselves or the initial supervisor.

If no action is taken by the 30th day the request will escalate to the Payroll Office.
The Payroll Office will not action the request, but will investigate why the request is still pending and contact the appropriate supervisor.

Delegation of Leave Approvals

If you are a Supervisor with staff reporting to your position you have the option to delegate your approval authority to a nominated person for a period of time.
This option is recommended if you are going to be absent from the University or are unable to go online to action leave request.

For example: If you take leave and no other staff member will be replacing your position on HDA, simply email the Payroll Office and request to delegate your leave request approvals to another person during the leave period or absence.

Note: Delegation is not required when a staff member receives HDA acting in your position. If the HDA form is received and entered on the HR System prior to the HDA commence date, your staff member's leave bookings will automatically be directed to the occupant on HDA. If in doubt, please contact the Payroll Office for advice.