To book leave that is one or more full days follow these steps:

Getting to the screen:

  1. Select My HR > Leave > Leave Booking Request
  2. Click Whole Day Leave Bookings. The screen below will appear.

  3. Job Number: Using the pull down list, select your fixed-term or continuing job.
  4. Leave Code: Using the pull down list, select the appropriate leave type.
  5. Start Date: Using the pull down calendar, select the start date of the leave.
    Note: if you wish to claim payment in advance for annual leave click here for more information on how to enter the dates.
  6. End Date: Select the last date of the leave from the calendar. If you only want to book one day enter the same date as used for the start date.
  7. Unit: If 'Hours' does not appear, select Hours from the list.
  8. Advance Pay: Select 'Yes' or 'No' from the list. This applies to future Annual Leave only.
  9. Medical Certificate: Select 'Yes' or 'No' from the list. This applies to sick leave only.
    Note: Your supervisor must sight, initial and forward the medical certificate to HR Systems and Payroll Services.
  10. Other Doc: Leave blank.
  11. Reason: If Personal or Special Paid Leave was selected in step 4, please select a reason here. Otherwise leave this field blank.
  12. Comment: Optional to type a comment for your supervisor to view.
  13. Insert: Once you have completed the leave booking click Insert and the following Success message will appear:

If you exceed your balance you will receive the following message