This enables you to view a Leave Matrix for you and your team members.

  • Getting to the screen: Once logged in, click 'Team Leader', then 'Team Leave Matrix.
  • An image will appear similar to below.

Using the Screen:

  • Change the Start Date to look at a different weekly period, click 'Display'
  • Change the Leave Code to a specific one, click 'Display'
  • Click on the staff member to drill down to their Team Leave Matrix (if applicable) or see User Preferences below.

Optional - User Preferences:

  • Click on 'User Preferences' at the bottom of the screen and change 'Matrix Days Displayed' to a larger number to see a longer period of time.
  • Also change the number of hierarchy level to drill down if you wish to view your subordinates team members on the first list without having to drill down. If you select a level between 2 & 5 the list will show your subordinates team members indented according to the hierarchy structure.
  • Click on 'Save Preferences'. This will be your default settings until you change it again.
  • Return to the Matrix screen by clicking on 'Team Leave Matrix' from the left menu.