The Employee Self Service enables team leaders to view a list of team members reporting to them.

The ESS also allows team leaders to view a list of their subordinate's team members by selecting a hierarchy level.

The instructions below include the following:

  • My Details
  • To view your team list
  • To view your subordinates team list
  • View individual team members information (going in context)
  • Changing your team list hierarchy levels


My Details

Getting to the screen:

  • Select My Details
    This will display a list of all your current and past jobs.
    Note: When you first log in to the ESS the My Details panel by default is closed.

To open the My Details panel

  • Click on the small arrow next to the My Details panel section heading.


To view your team list

  • Click on the plus sign next to your name to expand the team list.

Your team list will appear, similar to the image below.


To view your subordinates team list

  • Click on the plus sign next to a team member who is a supervisor to expand their team list.

The list will now show team members indented according to the hierarchy structure. Shown below is an example: Mrs Holden, Mrs Williams and Ms Robinson report to Ms Boodley and Ms Boodley reports to Mr King.

Note: Vacant indicates there is a vacant position that reports to you, which may have team members reporting to it.


View individual team member's information (going in context)

To view further information about your team members or your subordinates team members

  • Select the required Team Member from your team list by clicking on the row in which they appear.
  • Click the Select button, this will put you In Context as the individual

A yellow section will appear at the top of the My Details panel where it will show you the name of the team member you are viewing.

Going in context of one of your team members allows you to view some detailed information as if you were logged in as the individual team member.

Once you have finished, you will need to return the context back to yourself, to do this:

  • Click the Clear Team Member button located in the My Details header.


Changing your team list hierarchy levels

A team leader has the ability to change the hierarchy level and view all team members including subordinates team members on the list without having to drill down to lower levels.

  • To do this click on User Preferences (found on the right hand side of the main screen).
  • Click on the plus sign against Team List to expand the menu, as shown below.
  • Select a level to drill down between 1 & 5 levels of hierarchy.
  • If you are unsure of the level to select, please select level 5 to show all subordinates team members.
  • Click on Save Preferences. This will be your default settings until you change it again.