Aim of the Employment Strategy for Indigenous Australians (ESIA)

The aim of the ESIA is to improve the representation, participation and retention of Indigenous Australian people within the university.

Objectives of the ESIA

The objectives of the ESIA are to:

  • encourage and foster Indigenous Australian employment and participation at all levels of work activity
  • maximise staff development along with the transfer of job skills and information in order to increase Indigenous knowledge, independence, remuneration, job security and self sufficiency
  • facilitate and encourage the direct involvement of Indigenous Australian staff members in determining their own career strategies, goals and objectives.

However, in addition to these objectives, the ESIA hopes to be a platform to:

  • further introduce Indigenous Australian culture to the university
  • share and participate in the exchange of cultural experience and knowledge (where appropriate)
  • improve the relationship between Indigenous Australians and the wider community.