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A full list of the current internal vacancies is available via the view internal vacancies page. 

Information for internal applicants:

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Eligibility for internal vacancies
The new internal recruitment system
New application requirements for internal applicants
Help guides for the new recruitment system 

Eligibility for internal vacancies:

Internal vacancies are open to applicants who are employed by Flinders University. You are eligible for these vacancies if you are:

  • employed on a continuing, convertible or fixed-term basis
  • employed by Flinders Campus Community Services Inc
  • a casual staff member who:
    • is employed at the time of the vacancy being advertised
    • has worked during the six months prior to the advertising closing date

If you are unsure whether you meet the definition of 'internal', please contact the HR Division on (08) 8201 3875.
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The new internal recruitment system:

From 9 January 2017, Flinders will be using a new recruitment system to manage applications for internal vacancies. This system is available via the existing internal vacancies page.

The new recruitment system offers Flinders an enhanced e-recruitment experience that is user friendly, intuitive and promotes an agile, adaptable and streamlined experience for applicants who can use a range of computer and mobile devices to apply for new positions at the University and to track their progress in real time. The University will also benefit from improved internal recruitment processes, including a streamlined approach to accessing candidate information than is currently available via the ESS. ^back to top

New application requirements for internal applicants:

From 9 January 2017, Flinders will be simplifying the application requirements for internal applicants.  An acceptable application will now consist of:

  • A current CV/resumé
  • A response to the essential criteria/role responsibilities of no more than three pages
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Help using the new recruitment system:

Information is available within the following text-based user guide and FAQ’s.  Please click the hyperlinks below to view the guides:

Recruitment profile applicant user guide (PDF 1MB)

FAQ's - internal recruitment for applicants (PDF 214KB)

The same information contained within the user guide has been developed into the following series of video tutorials: 

Applying for a vacancy

Navigating your recruitment profile

Accepting an offer of employment


Requesting an amendment to an offer of employment

 If you are unable to solve your recruitment-related query using these guides, please contact Your request will be attended to during business hours. 

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Viewing internal vacancies:

Follow the hyperlink to the view internal vacancies page.
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