Students enrolling through mid year entry in 2014 will not be affected by the Federal Government’s budget proposals on higher education.  Please see the statement from Flinders University's Vice Chancellor, Professor Michael Barber, for more information.

See the Department of Education website for preliminary information about the changes to student contribution amounts proposed in the 2014-15 Budget (subject to the passage of legislation).

You will find information here on:

Am I Commonwealth supported?

 You will be a Commonwealth supported student at Flinders if you are:

  • an Australian citizen;
  • a New Zealand citizen; or
  • a permanent resident,

and enrolled in one of the following course types:

  • an undergraduate course;
  • a graduate entry bachelor degree; or
  • a postgraduate course for which the University has allocated you a Commonwealth supported place.

Australian citizens and Permanent Humanitarian visa holders are only eligible to be Commonwealth supported for courses where at least one topic of the course is held in Australia.

NZ Citizens and permanent residents of Australia are only eligible to be Commonwealth supported for individual topics that are held entirely in Australia, unless you are required to study outside of Australia to complete that topic.

What does Commonwealth supported mean?

‘Commonwealth supported’ means the cost of your study is shared between the Australian Government and you. You are required to pay a student contribution amount and the Australian Government pays the balance of your course costs.  The [missing FMS file] details your responsibilities as a student accepting a Commonwealth supported place.   Hard copies are also available from Student Finance Services in the Student Centre.

How do I accept a Commonwealth supported place?

You will need to submit an online ‘Request for Commonwealth Assistance and HECS-HELP form’ on the Student Information System.  Go to Step 2 - Access the Student Information System for the steps required to complete the form. Completing the form means you are accepting the Commonwealth supported place in your course.

If you study a combined degree, remember to complete a form for each course. Ensure you pick the correct form or your enrolment will be delayed.

What will study cost me?

Each year the Australian Government determines a range of fees the University can charge for particular subject areas and these are grouped into bands. The subject areas determine how the topics you study will be charged. See the 2014 Student Contribution Amount page for the rate schedule and examples of study costs.

The amount you pay depends on which topics you study and which subject area they relate to. Some courses have topics across a number of bands and this will determine the fees you pay.

What is a full-time enrolment?

At Flinders, a full-time student is expected to complete a total of 36 units of study each year.  This is usually split into 18 units in each semester. Each topic you study has a particular unit value, normally 4.5 units.

36 units is also called an EFTSL , or ‘equivalent full-time student load’.

Does the student services and amenities fee apply to me?

As a general principle it is expected that all students will pay this fee irrespective of course or course level.  However some exceptions and reductions may apply, please refer to the student services and amenities fee page for additional details.

What will I pay for each topic?

To calculate your student contribution amount for each topic, divide the topic unit value by the total units for the year (36), and multiply by the student contribution amount for the subject area.

For example, LLAW1211 is a 4.5 unit topic in the Band 3 subject area. Divide the topic unit value (4.5) by the total units for a full-time year (36) and multiply by the annual student contribution amount ($10,085). The result is rounded down to the nearest dollar, so the student contribution amount for LLAW1211 is $1,260.

See the quick reference table on the 2014 Student Contribution Amount page for more information.

Am I eligible for a HECS-HELP loan and/or a discount?

Commonwealth supported students who are Australian citizens or permanent humanitarian visa holders may

  • obtain a 10% discount when paying all or part (minimum $500 per census date) of your student contribution amount up-front to the University before the relevant census date; and/or
  • obtain a HECS-HELP loan from the Australian Government to cover the student contribution amount

Note: The 10% discount is subject to legislative changes under consideration and, in the event that legislation is passed, discounts may not apply from 2015.

All Commonwealth supported students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents (other than permanent humanitarian visa holders):

  • must pay the student contribution amount in full by the due date; and
  • may not obtain a HECS-HELP loan from the Commonwealth Government to cover the student contribution amount.

Permanent residents or New Zealand citizens who take out Australian citizenship must present their actual 'Certificate of Australian Citizenship' to Student Finance Services on or before the relevant census date of a semester to become eligible for a HECS-HELP loan for that semester.  Students have six weeks from the census date to correct details on HECS-HELP forms if necessary, including the submission of documents such as the 'Certificate of Australian Citizenship'.  For further details see the [missing FMS file]

Other questions about fees

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