A normal year's work by a full-time student is 36 units of study. Awards are structured around this principle and student contributions and tuition fees are calculated on the basis that 36 units represents a standard full-time load. A standard load allows you to perform well in studies, without dispersing your efforts over too many topics.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate for some students to enrol in a combination of topics that amount to more than 36 units in any year. This is called an academic overload. Students may enrol in a topic or topics comprising more than 18 units, but not more than 22.5 units, in a semester without special approval.  Special approval is required for any academic overload greater than 22.5 units. You must pay any fees and charges associated with the additional load.

Please see the Student-related Policies and Procedures for further information on Student Enrolment Load.

An Equivalent Full-time Student Load (EFTSL) is also used as a measure of the study load. At Flinders University, 1 EFTSL is equivalent to 36 units.

You can print your Confirmation of Enrolment from the Student Information System website by using the 'View My Current Enrolment' link. Click on 'I want to...Get my Confirmation of Enrolment by email' to have your Confirmation of Enrolment sent to your University email address.

Use the calculator below to calculate the EFTSL for:

Topics with unit values

For the majority of topics, the topic EFTSL value is calculated as follows:

(Unit value of the topic) / 36

BIOL1101 is a 4.5 unit topic.
The EFTSL value for BIOL1101 is 4.5 / 36 = 0.125
NURS2804 is a 9 unit topic.
The EFTSL value for NURS2804 is 9 / 36 = 0.250

Check the EFTSL for your topics by
entering the subject area (eg ENGL) in the box:

Higher degree research topics

The EFTSL value for a semester's enrolment is calculated as follows:

(Number of days enrolled) / (Number of days in half-year period) x 0.5 x Study Rate

Note: The 'Study Rate' is normally 1.0 for full-time study or 0.5 for part-time study. EFTSL values for these topics are displayed on your Unofficial Transcript. This can be obtained from the Student Information System website by selecting the 'My Exams and Results' tab. Click on 'View My Results', select the relevant course and 'View results for this course'.  Select 'I want to...Get my Unofficial transcript by email' to have your Unofficial Transcript sent to your University email address.

John commences a research higher degree thesis topic (ENGL9999) on 28 March 2011 as a full time student.
He is enrolled for 95 days in the period 1 January 2011 to 30 June 2011.
His EFTSL value for semester 1, 2011 is: 95 / 181 (proportion of days) x 0.5 (half year) x 1.0 (full time) = 0.262