Postgraduate Coursework Tuition Fees

If you are commencing a postgraduate coursework course as a domestic fee-paying student in 2010 you will be charged a tuition fee based on your topic enrolments according to the table below.

All topics are allocated to a tuition fee group according to subject area. A standard fee will be charged per unit based on which subject group or topic code the topic belongs to.

Domestic students enrolling in offshore programs:

Fees for domestic students enrolling in offshore programs will be charged according to the schedule below, regardless of the location or teaching arrangements for the program in which they are enrolled.

Postgraduate coursework tuition fees for students commencing in 2010

Subject Area/Topic Code

Fee Per Unit ($)

AGES, AMST, AQUA, ARCH, ASST, AUST, BUSN (other than those listed below), CREA, CRIM, CULT, CUTU, DSRS, DVST, EDAS, EDCT, EDES, EDET, EDSP, EDUC, ENGL, ENVR, ENVS, ESOL, FREN, GEOG (other than those listed below), GLOB, HIST, HLED, HLPE, HLTH (other than those listed below), HMAN, HSMT, HUMN, INST, INTR (other than those listed below), ITAL, JUSS, LAMS, LANG, LEGL, LING, MDIA1001, MDIA1002, MDIA2001, MDIA2002, MDIA2104, MGRE, MIDW, NILS, NURS, PHIL, POAD, POLI, PPHR, PROF, PSYC, SCRN8002, SOAD, SOCI, SPAN, SPTH8001, SPTH8002, SPTH8003, SPTH8004, SPTH8005, SPTH8006, STEP, TOUR, VISA, WMST, XOTH
COMP, ENVH, GEOG2010, GEOG3018, GEOG7015, GEOG7016, GEOG7018, GEOG8003, GEOG8004, GEOG8005, GEOG8006, GEOG8007, GEOG8008, GEOG8009, GEOG8010, GEOG9012, HLTH9100, HLTH9101B, HLTH9101C, HLTH9101D, HLTH9101E, HLTH9101F, HLTH9101G, MATH, MHSC, MMED8902, PALL, PHCA, REHB, STAT
BUSN91, DRAM, DRAP, MDIA2101, MDIA2102, SCRN (except SCRN8002 above)
AUDI, BUSN92, INTR9044, INTR9045, INTR9046, INTR9047, INTR9212, LLAW, NEUR, NUTD
MMED (except MMED8902 above), MSKM


To determine the tuition fee group to which your topic belongs enter topic code (eg ENGL) and check the above table for the correct rate:

Example of how to work out the tuition fee for a topic

Evan has commenced a Graduate Certificate in Health in 2010 and has enrolled in NURS8302. Evan has checked the tuition fee group for this topic. This is a 6-unit topic and has a tuition fee of $260.00 per unit.

NURS8302: 6 units at tuition fee rate of $260.00 per unit = 6 x $260.00

= $1,560.00

Evan's tuition fee for NURS8302 in 2010 is $1,560.00


Postgraduate coursework tuition fees for students commencing prior to 2010

Students who commence a course prior to 2010, pay coursework tuition fees for that course based on the year of admission. If you commenced your course in:

  • 2009 - your tuition fees will be charged at the 2009 rate .
  • 2008 - your tuition fees will be charged at the 2008 rate.
  • 2007 - your tuition fees will be charged at the 2007 rate.
  • 2006 - your tuition fees will be charged at the 2006 rate.
  • 2005 - your tuition fees will be charged at the 2005 rate.

Up to 2004

If you commenced a postgraduate coursework course prior to 2005 your tuition fees will be charged as per the schedule of fees published in 2004 which covers all years up to and including 2004. The fee rates are based on an overall course rate (rather than charged by topic as now) and can be found in the following fee schedules.

All courses are listed according to the Faculty which offered them.

The name of the relevant Faculty is listed in the introduction of the course rule for each postgraduate course.


Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Tuition Fees 2010

If you are a domestic fee-paying student continuing in the combined Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in 2010, you will be charged at the rate applicable in the year you commenced study.


Domestic students who have exceeded their Student Learning Entitlement

Students who have been enrolled as Commonwealth supported students may continue as fee-paying students under the Policy on Continuity of Study .

The fee charged for each topic will be equivalent to the highest 2010 Student Contribution Amount that applies to the subject area. No discount applies.


National Priorities ($)

Band 1 ($)

Band 2 ($)

Band 3 ($)

4.5531.00663.00 945.001,107.00
6 708.00 885.00 1,261.00 1,476.00
(A full time semester)
2,124.00 2,655.00 3,783.00 4,429.00
(A full time year)
4,249.00 5,310.00 7,567.00 8,859.00