You may apply to enrol in one or more topics as a non-award student if you do not want to be admitted to a full course of study.

See also the University's Enrolment Policy and Procedures for more information on non-award study.

What will non-award study cost?

Students permitted to study one or more single topics will pay a fee for enrolment which is at least equal to the highest student contribution amount rate (for undergraduate topics) or the Postgraduate Coursework Tuition Fee rate (for postgraduate topics) for each topic.

Check the student contribution amounts for your topics by entering the subject area (e.g. ENGL) in the box:

Does the student services and amenities fee apply to me?

It is expected that all students will pay this fee irrespective of course or course level.  However some exceptions may apply, please refer to the student services and amenities fees page for additional details.

Note that under government legislation, as a non-award student, you are ineligible to obtain a SA-HELP loan for your student services and amenities fee (SSAF) and these fees must be paid upfront.

How do I apply & enrol as a non-award student?

  1. Select your subjects (called topics at Flinders) by searching the Flinders Topics page.
  2. Select your 'Subject Area' and click 'Display Topics' for each topic to check the timetable details.
  3. Enrol in your other subjects at your university and obtain approval to undertake the required topic(s) toward your course (as per your own university's procedures, or via authorisation on the Flinders cross-institutional/Non-award enrolment form described below).
  4. Download and complete the required Cross-institutional/Non-award enrolment form (PDF 200KB) and attach the relevant supporting documents.
  5. Either email or post the form to Flinders Connect:
    Mail: Flinders Connect, Flinders University, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001.
  6. Your application will be provided to the appropriate School/Faculty for approval.  Once your approval has been received Enrolment Services will process your application into the appriopriate non-award course.
  7. Enrolment Services will notify you of the decision and advise you of your Student ID No (if you are a new student).  You will then be required to activate your FAN (Flinders Authentication Name) by creating a secure password and enrolling online in your topic(s) via the Student System.  See Access the Student System for detailed instructions.
  8. Within the 'My Enrolment' tab of the Student System, you will encounter messages that ask you to verify information.  Once you have confirmed your personal details and accepted the enrolment declaration, you will be able to select topics for enrolment.  See Enrol in topics and register for classes for detailed instructions.
  9. Within the Student System you will be able to access your Confirmation of Enrolment from 'My Enrolment' and your Fee Account from 'My Finances' for information about your fees including the student services and amenities fee(s).  Your Fee Account will contain your payment due dates as well as details of the available methods of payment.

You must ensure you are enrolled by the census date, Flinders University cannot accept an enrolment after the census date.


How do I obtain access to Flinders University systems as a non-award student?

Once you have been enrolled at Flinders, you will be need to obtain and activate your Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) and set your secure password.  You will then be able to log in to the Student System to confirm personal details and to enrol in topic/s. If you require more detailed instructions, please see the Access the Student System page.

Your FAN and password are also required to access your Flinders course materials via the Flinders Learning Online (FLO) site, and your Flinders University email.

Use your FAN and password to access the Ask Flinders website for frequently asked questions and to submit a request for support.