In accordance with the Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Bill 2010, passed on 11 October 2011, a student services and amenities fee is charged to all students enrolled in 2013 other than the nominated exceptions identified below. 

The student services and amenities fee does not attract GST.

Amount charged

A fee will be charged for each topic enrolled as at the census date, with the total fee for the year not more than $273. The fee for each topic is calculated as:

$273 * (number of units/36)

See examples in the table below:

 UnitsInternal mode (other than specified teaching locations ^)
 External mode or specified teaching locations ^
 1.5 $11.37 $5.68
 3 $22.75 $11.37
 4.5 $34.12 $17.06
 9 $68.25 $34.12
 18 $136.50 $68.25
 $273.00 $136.50
 >36 $273.00 $136.50

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Specified teaching locations

Specified teaching locations are those categorised under the Australian Standard Geographical Classification as Outer Regional Australia, Remote Australia, or Very Remote Australia.  For Flinders University these locations are: Renmark, Mt Gambier*, Alice Springs, Port Lincoln, Katherine and Darwin.

*The University considers topics delivered in Mt Gambier as Outer Regional Australia for the purposes of charging the reduced rate.

Students who are individually located in these specified teaching locations or any location interstate or overseas, will also be charged this reduced rate if the location is a requirement of the topic (e.g. as an approved placement) and applies for the full duration of the topic.


The following students will be exempt from payment of the fee:

  • Off-shore students enrolled in courses delivered in partnership with the University's off-shore partners;
  • On-shore international students (2013 commencing students and earlier) in order to comply with legislation applicable to international on-shore students; and
  • Students enrolled in one of the University's Foundations Studies Programs.