Most students need to enrol in topics (subjects) and register in classes (choose your timetable) yourself. You can do this in the Student System, which can be accessed from your Flinders dashboard (Okta). There is a range of information and videos to help you plan your studies and enrol in MyFlinders, which can also be accessed from your Flinders dashboard (Okta).

2019 timetable

Detailed class timetables will be available from 5 November 2018 on the Timetable Information 2019 pages.  Use the search filters to display the details of each topic applicable to you.

Other individual topic information is currently available from the Topics 2019 pages.

2019 topic enrolment and class registration

Enrolment will commence in the week of 19 November 2018. The dates when particular topic areas open are detailed in the Enrolment and Class Registration Schedule.

Be aware that the final date to enrol in topics and register in classes is the second Friday of each semester. See the Critical enrolment dates page for these and other critical enrolment dates, including information about summer and other non-semester dates.

How to enrol

If you are commencing a new course of study at Flinders, visit your personalised MyFlinders page for enrolment guidance and information specific to your course.

If you are continuing a course of study then you should review your course rule to plan your study.  Enrol in all the topics you need, even if you decide to change your enrolment later.  Complete your enrolment and class registration in the Student System and visit the MyFlinders from your Flinders dashboard for infomraiton about planning your studies, demonstration videos and infomration about enrolling.

You can also visit Ask Flinders for answers to frequently asked questions or to submit an online support request.

Changing my enrolment

You can enrol in additional topics, or change classes at any time until the last date to enrol. Visit the Critical enrolment dates page for the important dates.

Enrolment may be accepted after the last date to add topics, but prior to the census date, only if special approval is obtained. See more information via the Ask Flinders website.

You can withdraw from topics at any time until the last teaching day of the semester. However if you wish to avoid incurring student contribution amounts, tuition fees and student services and amenities fees for a topic, then you must withdraw before the census date. Visit the Critical enrolment dates page for more information about the impact of withdrawing at different times of the semester.  Note: unregistering from a class does not withdraw you from a topic.

The University must comply with Australian Government legislation in regard to census dates for topics and cannot make special provisions for students who have failed to enrol or withdraw on time.

Prerequisite enrolment information

You will be able to enrol if you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite topic.

If you are sitting a supplementary exam or deferred assessment, or are still awaiting results, it is recommended that you enrol and register in classes as if you have passed the requirements of that topic.

However, if you subsequently fail the prerequisite topic, you will need to amend your enrolment or obtain approval for a prerequisite waiver to avoid cancellation.

If you need further assistance with issues relating to prerequisites, request support via Ask Flinders.

After your enrolment

  • Check your enrolment
    Check your enrolment carefully after adding or withdrawing from topics to ensure that you are enrolled;

    • in the correct topics,
    • under the correct courses (if undertaking a combined degrees program),
    • for the correct semester or study period, and
    • in the correct location.

           Select ‘View my Current Enrolment’ on the Student System menu to confirm your enrolment.

  • Update your student card
    Continuing students who need a sticker to update their student ID card can obtain them from Flinders Connect (Level 0, Central Library) or the Enrolment Support Centre, located adjacent to Flinders Connect, when open during enrolment.  After the last day to enrol, stickers are only available from Flinders Connect.

  • Maintain a full-time enrolment (where required)
    To be enrolled full-time you need to study 18 units in a semester.  In some circumstances students may enrol in more than 18 units - this is called an overload. Special approval is required for any overload more than 22.5 units per semester. You will be required to pay any fees and charges associated with the additional enrolment. You can request overload approval via the Ask Flinders website.

    Students receiving support from Centrelink must be enrolled in at least 13.5 units per semester. If you are enrolled in 2 separate courses which are not recognised as official double degrees at Flinders University, then you must be enrolled in at least 13.5 units in one of your courses each semester to remain eligible for Centrelink support.

    International students in Australia on a student visa must normally complete their degree within the approved visa period, usually 18 units per semester. Your course coordinator can assist you to plan your studies to meet these requirements. See Student visa holder responsibilities. Information can be found on the Enrolment information page or find more answers via the Ask Flinders website.

  • Check and pay your fees
    Your Fee Account is only available online.  An invoice or Fee Account will not be mailed to you. View your fee details in the 'My Finances' section of the Student System. Click on the 'Get my Fee Account by email' button to see all fees, due dates and amounts to be deferred where applicable. Make sure you pay your fees by the due date.

    If you change courses, topics, or enrol in topics over the recommended full-time enrolment, your outstanding fee amounts may change. You should obtain and print your Fee Account to view current outstanding fee amounts.

    All domestic students are charged a student services and amenities fee for each enrolled topic. Check your Fee Account for details and visit the SA-HELP page for information about deferring student services and amenities fees. Note that only Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders are eligible to defer fees.

    Note: It is your responsibility to check how much you owe and pay your fees by the due date.

  • Keep your personal details up-to-date at all times
    Go to the Student System and click on the 'My Details' tab to update your personal details.  In particular, ensure that your address, telephone numbers and emergency contact details are up-to-date so that we can maintain correspondence with you.

  • Read your University email regularly
    Your University email is used for enrolment and study-related communication, so make sure you check it regularly. If you wish to forward your Flinders emails to another email account, please follow the Student computing instructions on forwarding your email.

Help and assistance

Flinders Connect is your first point of call for student services, including any questions you might have about enrolment or fees.

Ask Flinders

Current and future students can find answers to a range of service enquiries online at any time via Ask Flinders.


+61 1300 354 633

In person

Flinders Connect face-to-face service team will be located on Level 0 of the Central Library building at Bedford Park campus.