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Commonwealth supported students must have an approved CAF before enrolling.

International students studying in Australia will normally be able to commence enrolment and class registration before arrival. If you have problems completing your enrolment and class registration off-shore, lodge a help request via the Ask Trim website. Make sure Enrolment Services have sighted your passport and visa details on, or soon after, your arrival in Australia.

Check the Enrolment and Class Registration Schedule to ensure you know which day(s) enrolment and class registration open.


Enrol in topics

Check the Enrolment and Class Registration schedule for the date topics open for enrolment. You need to enrol in all topics for 2014, even if you decide to amend your enrolment later.

1. Log in

Use the link on the 5 steps to Flinders page or go to the Current students page and click on the Student Information System button.  Login using your Flinders Student ID number and password.

2. Choose your course

Select the 'My Enrolment' tab. The 'Choose a Course' page will list all courses you have applied for, enquired about or been offered a place in. Your will only be able to enrol in course you are admitted to.  Select the course you want to enrol in. Your study plan details for this course will be displayed.

If you are enrolling in more than one course, eg a combined degree program, select the first course using the 'I want to...Select this Course' link and complete your enrolment for that course before returning to enrol in the second course.

3. Select your topics

Submit an Enrolment Declaration before proceeding.  Select the 'I want to...Accept the Enrolment Declaration for this Course' link at the bottom of the page. Read, accept, and submit the Enrolment Declaration.

Before you enrol look for important information about your course, and a link to the course rule, which will appear beneath the progress bar.

The orange help icon provides details of how to search, select and change your enrolment.  Click on the question mark to expand these details.

Your Study Plan will list core topics and elective and option topic groups with enrolled and already passed topics appearing at the bottom of the table. To select topics:

  • Use the plus and minus icons to view option and elective groups.  Click 'Choose' to search for a topic in these groups.  
  • Use the 'More Details' link to find specific information regarding the topic, option/elective group, or course. An 'Unavailable?' link will give a reason as to why the topic, group or course is unavailable for enrolment.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the study plan grid to change the Study Period and Location to display specific topic availabilities, or leave the search bar blank to show all options.


To enrol in topics:

  • Tick the appropriate 'Enrol?' checkbox to select one or more topics for enrolment. 
  • Remove the tick from the 'Enrol?' checkbox if you decide it is not the topic you want. 
  • Once you have completed your selection, click on 'I want to...Enrol in the selected topics'.
  • Confirm that the topics on your Potential Enrolment list are correct.  Click on 'I want to...Confirm Enrolment' if you are happy with the selected topics, or use 'I want to...Go Back/Change' to change your topic selection.




Your enrolment confirmation will show the topics you have enrolled in. 




Check that you have enrolled in the correct topics, under the right course (particularly if completing a combined degree), for the right semester or study period, and in the correct location.

Use the 'View My Current Enrolment' link in the side menu to check that you have successfully enrolled.  To have a Confirmation of Enrolment emailed to your University email address, click on 'I want to...Get my Confirmation of Enrolment by email'.  


You will be disconnected from the system after 15 minutes on inactivity and any topics on your Potential Enrolment List will be deleted.  Enrol in a few topics at a time if you are still deciding between topics.


 Register in Classes

Check the Enrolment and Class Registration schedule for the date and time classes open for registration.

You will need to register for a class in each activity (eg lectures, labs and tutorials) for each of the topics you have enrolled in. Some topics (eg Distance Education topics) may not have timetabled classes. This is where your timetable planning from Step 1 - Plan your study really helps.

1. Log in

Use the link on the 5 steps to Flinders, or go to the Current student page and click on the Student Information System button. Log in using your Flinders Student ID number and password.

2. Register for classes

Select the ‘My Timetable’ tab.  All available classes will be displayed on the timetable grid.  You may already be registered in some classes (coloured light grey).  If there is only one class available, registration occurred automatically when you enrolled.  In this case you will see a half-full or full hourglass next to the relevant topic.

To use the timetable grid:

  • Click on the orange help icon to expand details of how to register for classes.
  • You can register for classes in all study periods, or for one study period at a time (this is preferable). Use the search criteria to select the study period.
  • Resize the timetable grid by clicking and dragging the column borders or using the black triangle icon at the bottom of the grid.
  • Click the Legend icon on the top left side of the timetable for more information on the symbols on the grid. 


To register for classes:

  • Use your timetable planner to identify the classes you need in each topic. 
  • Select the classes you require by ticking the checkbox in the coloured class time on the grid, and click 'Save'.
  • Change your class registration by clicking on the 'Change' icon alongside the topic details, at any time up until the last day to add or withdraw from topics.

Some topics may not have timetabled classes, eg.  online classes or external study, in which case the commend alongside the half full or empty hourglass will state that a number of classes are not available.  Note: an hourglass may not appear full if there is an optional activity in which you have chosen not to register. 


The Student Information System will allow you to 'clash' classes (ie register in two classes at the same time for different topics).  It is your responsibility to ensure you can meet the attendance requirements for your topics.


3. Check and Print Your Timetable

Click on  to obtain a printer-friendly copy of your timetable.  You can select a 'Week Starting' period and view/print a timetable for just one week.

Resize your timetable grid in the Print screen, prior to printing, by following the instructions above.



The class I need is full.  What do I do?

Check to see if other classes suit your timetable. Check the timetable you planned for alternative classes. Register in an alternative class, even if it is not your first choice.

Waitlist for the class. When no places remain in a class, waitlisting becomes available. By waitlisting you register your interest for a place in that class. If a place becomes available, the next person on the waitlist is registered and advised automatically via University email. Register in an alternative class if available.

Waitlisting will close on:

  • Friday 21 February 2014 for Semester 1 topics;
  • Friday 18 July 2014 for Semester 2 topics.

Students will not be able to waitlist for classes after these dates. Anyone remaining on a waitlist will be automatically removed and will need to choose an alternative time from remaining classes. Ensure you have registered in all Semester 1 classes before teaching starts in the week commencing Monday 3 March 2014, and Monday 28 July 2014 for Semester 2 classes.

Class sizes are checked regularly to ensure there are enough places for everyone. If you cannot find a place, contact your School for advice, or email the topic contact person listed in the Ask Trim website (log in using your FAN and secure password).

There is only one class I can attend and it's full, what do I do?

You may be able to apply for Special Consideration to attend that class. More information can be found at the Ask Trim website. Log in using your FAN and secure password.

Still waiting for advice?

Attend lectures or classes for the first two weeks. Talk to the lecturer, contact the School, or email the topic contact person. It is your responsibility to ensure you have successfully registered in all Semester 1 classes before the week commencing Monday 3 March 2014, and Monday 28 July 2014 for Semester 2 classes.

Add a topic, withdraw from a topic or change classes

You can add or withdraw from topics, or change classes, up until the last date to add or withdraw from topics - see Important dates you need to know.

To add topics or change classes, log in to the Student Information System and make any changes required. Special approval is required for enrolment after the last date to add topics, but prior to the census date, only if special approval is obtained. The Ask Trim website has more information. Log in with your FAN and secure password.

To withdraw from a topic, log in to the Student Information System. Go to the 'My Enrolment' tab and 'Withdraw from Topics' in the side menu. Select the topic(s) you wish to withdraw from.  Click on 'I want to...Withdraw from the selected topics'. You must confirm that you want to withdraw from the topics by then clicking on 'I want to...Confirm my withdrawal from the selected topic/s'.

Go to 'I want to...View My Current Enrolment'. Check your enrolment carefully to ensure you were successfully withdrawn. You must withdraw before the census date to avoid incurring student contribution amounts or tuition fees.  Withdraw after the census date and you will incur student contribution amounts or tuition fees.  Note: unregistering from a class does not withdraw you from a topic.

The University must comply with Australian Government legislation in regard to census dates for topics and cannot make special provisions for students who have failed to enrol or withdraw on time.

Study a topic offered by another institution

This is called cross-institutional study . First, seek approval to study at another institution by submitting a help request via the Ask Trim website. Log in and click on the 'Request Support' tab at the top of the main window. Provide as much detail as you can to help ensure a quick response (include a copy of any relevant emails, a topic description and unit weighting for the topic you wish to study).

Enrolment Services will seek approval for your cross-institutional enrolment and record this on your Confirmation of Enrolment. You will be notified by University email when this is done. Once approved, print a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment from the Student Information System.

Follow the enrolment procedures at the institution where you wish to study. Use your Confirmation of Enrolment as evidence that you have approval to count relevant topics towards your course, and are a Commonwealth supported student (if applicable).

Allow enough time to complete your enrolment before the census date. You must ensure you are enrolled and have submitted a CAF (for Commonwealth supported students) to the other university by the census date. Universities cannot accept enrolments after this time.