Locate your Flinders Student ID number

Your Student ID number is a seven-digit code that looks like 2194567 and can be found at the top of your 5 steps to Flinders page. Your Student ID number will be required to manage your enrolment, obtain a Student ID card, borrow books from the Library, receive student transport concessions and submit your assignments.

Activate your login code (FAN) and password

Before you can access any of the online student services at Flinders University you will need to activate your login code (known as your FAN or Flinders Authentication Name) and set a secure password.  

You will use your FAN and password for a range of University services, including Flinders Learning Online (FLO).  You will use your Student ID number and password to access your enrolment details on the Student Information System.

Use the links on your 5 steps to Flinders page or choose 'Obtain your FAN' on the Student Computing page.

To activate your FAN you will need your Student ID number and birthdate to create your initial password.  The initial password uses the last four numbers of your Student ID number followed by the day and month of your birthdate.  For example if you Student ID number is 2194567 and your birthdate is 4 March, your initial password will be 45670403.

Add your Student ID number and initial password and click 'Go'. Your FAN will be displayed.

Read and agree to the Conditions of Use of the University's ICT Resources and click on 'Authenticate' your FAN.  You will now need to set a secure password that:

  • is between 8-10 characters;
  • is not based on your FAN;
  • is not all lower case letters (include unusual capitalisation and/or numbers);
  • contains at least 5 different characters;
  • is not based on a dictionary word (even if reversed);
  • does not include your first name or your last name; and
  • does not any of the following characters &  $  %  !  (  )  *  -  ,  ;  ~ `

As an example, think of an 8-letter word, change one of the letters to upper case, and one to a number eg. 'creative' becomes 'cReativ3'.

It is important that your password is easy to remember so you don't need to write it down.

Click on 'OK' to set your password.

Under 18? The Australian Government requires parental or guardian consent before you can access non-Flinders websites from within the University. The Consent Form can be found in the Minors section of the Flinders Authentication Name page. Lodge the completed consent form at the FLO Helpdesk in the Central Library. 


Access the Student Information System

The Student Information System is where you will manage your enrolment, organise your timetable, and find your Fee Account.  Go to the Current Student page and click on the Student info system button.

Log in using your Flinders Student ID number and password.


Update your personal details

Before you enrol you must update and confirm your personal details.  You will not be able to enrol in topics until these details have been checked and updated.  Use the left-hand menu to:

  • Check your name, date of birth and gender details are correct - contact Enrolment Services if not.
  • Check your address, phone, email and emergency contact details - use the 'Change this...' or 'Add a new type of...' as necessary.  You will need to add your home and semester address, this must be your current street address and not a P.O. Box.
  • Check your citizenship and residency details - update your country of birth and, if necessary, year of entry into Australia details.  Save and return to the overview page.  Confirm the displayed details.  You can request modification of your citizenship and residency details if these are incorrect.
  • Update your cultural details - use 'Change my Cultural details' to enter the main language you speak at home and to identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.  Save the changes and return to the overview page. Confirm the displayed details.
  • Update the disability details - either confirm or change the displayed details.  If you make changes you will need to return to the overview page to confirm the details.
  • Update your parent or guardian education details - click on the 'Change my...' link to update the education and gender details of your parent(s) or guardian(s). Return to the overview page and confirm the displayed details.
Ensure that your details are correct and kept up-to-date at all times.


Submit a Request for Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF)

Which form do I submit?
There are three Commonwealth Assistance Forms (CAFs):

• Request for Commonwealth assistance and HECS-HELP
• Request for FEE-HELP assistance
• Request for SA-HELP assistance

All students offered a Commonwealth supported place must complete a Request for Commonwealth assistance and HECS-HELP form prior to enrolling in a new course for the first time. This includes permanent residents and New Zealand citizens who are required to pay student contribution amounts up-front.  Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders may also apply for HECS-HELP assistance on this form for all or part of their student contribution amounts but must supply a tax file number.

Fee-paying students (Australian citizens only) may apply for FEE-HELP assistance for all or part of their tuition fees. To apply, complete a Request for FEE-HELP Assistance form before, or soon after, enrolment, and no later than the census date.

SA-HELP is a loan scheme that assists Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders to pay their student services and amenities fee. Eligible students can choose to defer all or part of their fee for the relevant year. If you wish to defer your student services and amenities fees you must submit a Request for SA-HELP assistance form in addition to any HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP forms you may have already lodged.

International students are not eligible for Commonwealth assistance and do not need to complete a CAF.

To complete your forms

1. Log in

To complete the on-line CAF, connect to the Student Information System using your Flinders Student ID number and your password. Select the 'My Commonwealth Assistance' tab.

2. Select your course

Choose the course and click on 'I want to...Enter a new Commonwealth Assistance Form for the selected course.'  The recommended form will be selected for you. 

Click on 'I want to..Complete the Selected Form'.

If you enrol in a combined degree program you must lodge a separate Request for Commonwealth assistance form (CAF) for each course.  Links to more information on HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or SA-HELP can be found on the side menu.

 3.Complete your CAF(s)

Many of your details will be included on the form. Be sure to amend these details if necessary and fill in the other required fields on the form.

If you are completing a Request for Commonwealth assistance and HECS-HELP form and are eligible for a HECS-HELP loan, read and agree to all the statements in this section and provide your tax file number (TFN) .

Note: If you do not have a TFN yet, you can leave the tax file number blank, and select ‘Full up-front payment of my student contribution amount' in item 9, however, you must bring evidence of your TFN to Student Finance Services in the Student Centre before the census date so your CAF can be amended. If you do not supply a TFN by the census date, and you have unpaid student contribution amounts, your enrolment will be cancelled.

Once you have completed the form:
Select ‘I want to...submit this form'. You will receive confirmation that your form has been approved. You can now enrol. If the status of your CAF is ‘Invalid', call Student Finance Services on 8201 3143 or 1300 360 351 (local call charge within Australia) for advice.

CAF approval is immediate for most students but may take up to one working day to process for some. Commonwealth supported students will not be able to enrol until approval is received.

Make sure you pay your student services and amenities fees or apply for a SA-HELP loan by the due date. The SA-HELP form must be completed in addition to any FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP form you have already submitted.

Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders can apply for SA-HELP to defer their student services and amenities fees via 'My Commonwealth Assistance'.  See student services and amenities fee for more information.