External students enrol in just the same way as other students.  Follow the steps to plan your study, access the Student System and enrol in topics in MyFlinders. Your Course Coordinator or Administrative Officer can provide advice on the correct topics for enrolment or answer any questions you may have about your course. You can locate their contact details on the Course Advice pages.

If you intend to apply for credit, lodge the application as quickly as possible, preferably at least two weeks before the start of the relevant semester.  If you are concerned about the time documents may take to reach Flinders, contact your Credit Transfer Officer for advice (see the Course Advice page for details).


Does class registration apply to me?

Only a few external topics (with a Distance Education or Distance Education (FLC) location) require registration in a class activity, the timetable will indicate if this is necessary.  If class registration is required, follow the instructions at Enrol in topics and register for classes.

How do I find the teaching material for my topic?

Flinders Learning Online (FLO) is where you will access the teaching materials for your topic(s).  You should have access to the teaching materials one week prior to the start of the teaching period.  If you enrol late, once teaching has commenced, it may take two hours from the time you enrol before topics appear in FLO. For some topics, additional teaching materials will be provided in hard-copy.  Your Topic Coordinator can advise if this is the case.

I am an international on-shore student, can I complete external topics?

International students studying in Australia on a student visa may complete up to 25% of a course by distance or online learning.  However:

  • you need to take into account any credit you may have received. Credit reduces the total number of units for the course, and consequently the units able to be completed by distance or online learning.
  • you may not enrol exclusively in distance/online learning topics in Semester 1 or Semester 2, you must take face-to-face topics as well.
  • you may enrol exclusively in distance/online learning topics in Non-semester 1 or Non-semester 2.
  • if you are in your last semester of study, with one topic remaining in order to complete your degree, you may take a non-semester distance/online learning topic.

For more information, contact the ESOS Compliance Officer on (08) 8201 3571  (International callers +61 8 8201 3571).

Does the student services and amenities fee apply to me?

As a general principle it is expected that all students will pay this fee irrespective of course or course level.  However some exceptions may apply, please refer to student services and amenities for additional details.

I have a US Loan, can I complete external topics?

Students in receipt of Federal Loans cannot enrol in topics that contain any online component.  Enrolment in a topic that contains online delivery as the only method of delivery will result in you being ineligible for Federal Loans for the remainder of your course.  Homework and assignment submission is not considered an online component for this purpose.

For more information, contact Flinders Connect on 1300 354 633 .

How do I get a student ID card?

The student ID card is required to borrow books from the Library, store credits required for photocopying and printing, attend examinations, obtain an academic transcript, obtain student concessions from transport and businesses (including those on campus), access Flinders University buildings and for attendance at student organised functions.

The student ID card is issued at Flinders Connect (Level 0, Central Library) to new students after enrolment, and should be carried with you whenever you are on campus. For information on how to request a Student ID card please visit the Student ID card page.

I enrolled last year, how do I get a new sticker for my student ID card?

If you are an external student and require a new sticker for your student ID card, you can submit an online support request via Ask Flinders for a sticker to be mailed to you.  Your address recorded on the Student System will be used to post the sticker to, so ensure your mailing details are up-to-date before you send the request.

I need assistance to enrol, who do I contact?

As an external student, we realise that you may need additional assistance and support while you study.  If you need assistance to enrol, have problems with your study plan, or simply don't know who to contact with a query, contact Flinders Connect and we will do our best to help you.  Depending on your location and the time difference, you can:

  • Submit an online support request via the Ask Flinders website.  Sign in as a current Flinders student using your FAN and password.  Fill in the details of your request on the electronic form, providing as much detail as you can. 
  • Call Flinders Connect on 1300 354 633 .

With any of these options make sure that you mention that you are an external student requiring additional support.

I can't access Flinders Learning Online, what do I do?

The FLO Student Helpdesk can be contacted by e-mailing flo.student, or by phone on 1800 200 292 (International callers +61 8 8201 5378), or by using an online form.  More details can be found at FLO Help for Students.