Application for remission or refund in special circumstances

Students who withdraw from the topic(s) after the census date, or who have not successfully completed the requirements for the topic(s), can apply to have their HELP loan scheme debt remitted, or the up-front student contribution amount/tuition fees refunded in special circumstances.

To be considered you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be able to demonstrate special circumstances beyond your control;
  • Your special circumstances must have occurred or worsened on or after the census date;
  • Be able to demonstrate how these special circumstances made it impracticable for you to complete the requirements of the topic(s);
  • Lodge the application within 12 months of the end of the semester in which the topic(s) were taken (applications lodged after this time will not be considered, unless independent supporting evidence is provided that confirms your incapacity to submit within this timeframe); and
  • Have withdrawn or have fail grades applied to all topics for which you are applying for remission of debt or refund.

Before completing the application form below, you must read the full remission in special circumstances information detailed on the Remission of debt or refund page and the full  Remission guidelines (PDF 161KB)   Please also download the  Professional Statement Form (PDF 72KB) to be completed by an independent professional as described in the Remission of debt or refund page, unless other relevant supporting documentation can be provided by an independent professional.

Please refer to the Refund of Student Contribution Amounts and Tuition Fees, and Remission of Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) Debts Policy.

Complete the details below, attach your supporting documentation to this form and submit to have your application for remission or refund considered.  If you require further advice, please contact Flinders Connect.


  • SECTION A: Personal Details

    Correspondence about your application will be maintained via email using the email address that you provide below.
  • SECTION B: Topic Details

    List the topic(s) which you want considered for remission or refund.
  • Applications for remission of topic(s) fees must be made within 12 months of the end of semester in which the topic(s) were taken.  Applications lodged after this time will not be considered, unless independent supporting evidence is provided that confirms your incapacity to submit within this timeframe.

  • SECTION C: Your Circumstances

    In this section please complete the questions below and provide a clear statement about your circumstances. You may attach additional pages if the space is insufficient.
  • You must provide sufficient details explaining how:

    ·         Your circumstances were beyond your control,

    ·         Your circumstances made it impracticable to complete the requirements of the topic(s); and

    ·         Your circumstances occurred on or after the census date.

    If your application applies only to some of the topics you were enrolled in for a particular semester but not all, explain how the circumstances specifically impacted on your ability to study those topics and not the others. If you are applying for two or more semesters, you will need to provide details for each of the semesters you are applying for.

  • SECTION D: Supporting Documentation

  • You must include documentation from an independent professional to support your application, on official letterhead if possible. For example, this may be a letter from an employer or a financial counsellor or medical practitioner. Alternatively you may arrange to have your independent professional complete the Professional Statement Form provided at the top of this page. The independent professional must quote their provider or registration number where applicable.

    The supporting documentation must explain:

    ·         The date your circumstances began.

    ·         If your circumstances changed after the census date(s), the date it changed and to what extent,

    ·         How your circumstance(s) affected your ability to study; and

    ·         When it became apparent that you could not continue your studies.

  • Section E: Application Declaration

  • By submitting this form you are agreeing to the following declaration:

    ·        I have read and understand the guidelines relating to the remission or refund of student contribution amounts or tuition fees and, if necessary, have sought advice via Flinders Connect.

    ·        I declare that the information I have provided in this application is correct. I understand that if I knowingly make any false or misleading statements I may be liable for prosecution.

    ·        I understand that I may be contacted by the university to clarify any statement made in my application, or to request additional supporting documentation if required.

    ·        I understand that my Topic Coordinators may be contacted for information on my academic progress during the semester.

  • Should be Empty:

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