If you withdraw from topics you may be eligible for a refund of student contribution amounts or tuition fees.

A refund will depend on whether you withdraw from a topic before or after the census date, or if special circumstances apply.


Withdrawal from topics BEFORE census date

If you withdraw from a topic before the census date you may request a refund of the student contribution, tuition fee or student services and amenities fee that you have paid for that topic.

Additional refund conditions may apply to International Students.  Please refer to the Student Related Policies and Procedures for further information.

To request a refund please contact Student Finance Services. You will receive an acknowledgement email and, if approved, your refund will normally be processed within 3 weeks of receipt of your request.

Withdrawal from topics AFTER census date

Normally no refunds will apply if you withdraw from topics after the census date.

Special circumstances

If your withdrawal is as a result of exceptional circumstances you may be eligible to apply for a Remission or Refund of Student Contribution Amounts or Tuition Fees.  Refer to the Policy on Refund of Student Contribution Amounts and Tuition Fees, and Remission of Higher Education Load Program (HELP) Debts.

If you are an international student you may be eligible for a refund of tuition fees in exceptional circumstances.  Refer to the Student Related Policies and Procedures Manual section relating to International Students for refund conditions.

Note: Academic grievances cannot form the basis of a remission or refund, unless a change to the course has occured after the census date.  Academic grievances should be raised within your academic School in the first place as per Section 4 of the Student Appeals and Complaints policy.

Visit the Remission of debt or refund page for further information.

Please note:  Student services and amenities fees will not be refunded if you withdraw after census date, regardless of the circumstances.


Payment of refunds

If your application for a refund is approved, the refund will be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer.  Refunds are not made in cash and are normally processed within 3 weeks of approval.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
You may request payment via EFT directly to your bank account.  Please submit a help request to Student Finance Services with the following details:

  • your full name;
  • your Student ID Number;
  • name of your bank;
  • bank address;
  • branch number;
  • account number
  • account holder's full name;
  • your current residential address;
  • your phone number; and
  • your email address