Course fees

The amount you pay for your tuition fees will depend on whether you are a domestic or international student, and the topics you enrol in.

For the purpose of fee liability at Flinders University, domestic students are:

  • Australian or New Zealand citizens
  • Australian permanent residents
  • Holders of Australian permanent humanitarian visas

All other students will be liable for international student fees.

Your total tuition fee is not confirmed until you have completed your enrolment. Indicative course fees are based on a full-time study load of 18 units per semester, or 36 units per academic year.


Domestic student fees

Your fees will vary depending on:

  • The topics you are enrolled in
  • How many topics you are enrolled in
  • Which payment category you are in

Payment categories include:

Once you have completed your enrolment, you can view your fees in the 'My Finances' tab in the Student System, which can be accessed via your Flinders dashboard.


International student fees

As an International student, you are required to pay your first semester tuition fees before entering Australia. The amount required depends on your enrolled course and will be stated on your Letter of Offer.

For subsequent semesters, you will need to make payment by the due date shown on your fee account, which can be accessed via the 'My Finances' tab in your Student System, which can be accessed from your Flinders dashboard.


Student services and amenities fees (SSAF)

The student services and amenities fee (SSAF) is a compulsory charge which supports non-academic services at Flinders University.  Student consultation takes place each year to help determine how the income will be used.

Your SSAF charge is based on your enrolment and will be capped at a maximum rate for any calendar year. See the fee schedule for details.

Australian citizens and permanent humanitarian visa holders are eligible to apply for a SA-HELP loan, which will allow you to defer your payment of these fees.  All other students will need to pay the fee directly to Flinders University.

See also the Charging of Incidental Fees Policy .

For more information about SSAF visit Study Assist.


Failure to pay or defer your fees

All payments must be made by the relevant due dates outlined in your fee account. If you are eligible to defer your fees through a HELP scheme, your Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) must be submitted by the last day to enrol for your topics.

Failure to make payment or submit a valid CAF by the required deadline may result in a sanction against your student account.

As a result of a sanction, until your debt is paid, you may be prevented from:

  • enrolling (you can still withdraw from topics)
  • accessing your results
  • ordering or receiving your official academic transcripts
  • borrowing library resources. 

Visit the payments page for payment options.

Payments take up to three business days to process. If you would like the sanction removed prior to this, please submit an Ask Flinders request asking for the sanction to be removed and attach a copy of your payment receipt. Requests can only be processed if a copy of your receipt is attached.  


Outstanding debts

Outstanding debts include overdue:

  • student contributions;
  • tuition fees;
  • student services and amenities fees;
  • instalment plan payments, where applicable;
  • student loan payments;
  • Flinders Living fees and charges; and
  • library charges and fines.

A student or former student with an outstanding debt will not be:

  • allowed to enrol or re-enrol in a course or topic offered by the University
  • entitled to borrow any materials or gain access to electronic resources from the collections of the University libraries
  • provided with a transcript of academic record or have access to their results on the Student Information System
  • issued with an award conferred by the University

Outstanding debts do not prevent you from withdrawing from topics online via the Student System.

The University will take further steps to recover outstanding debts which may include referral to the University's debt collection agency, and legal action, if appropriate.


Cancellation of Enrolment

In cases where you have overdue student contribution amounts or tuition fees, your enrolment will be cancelled. This will result in the loss of access to Flinders Learning Online (FLO) for the cancelled topics.

Reinstatement of enrolment may incur a charge of $100.



Refer to the Policy on Students with Outstanding Debts.

If you have any questions, please contact Flinders Connect .