Flinders & TAFE SA dual award students enrol at both Flinders University and TAFE SA concurrently. Note that there are different administrative processes and requirements at each institution. As such, much of the following information has been separated into Flinders University processes and TAFE SA processes with relevant links for further information and contact details.

A Flinders and TAFE dual award links a Vocational Education and Training (VET) Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma with a higher education Bachelor degree which are studied at the same time. A student enrols at both Flinders University and TAFE SA concurrently and is awarded qualifications from both institutions on completion of study.

A Flinders and TAFE dual offer is an offer to study at TAFE SA and Flinders University, with the Flinders offer being conditional on successful completion of the TAFE SA qualification first.

What dual award courses are being held in 2017?

How do I enrol?

Your enrolment is completed online, wherever you have internet access. You will enrol at Flinders University via the Student System, and at TAFE SA via the myTAFE SA portal.

Before enrolling, you must seek study plan advice both from Flinders University and TAFE SA staff. Select your course from the Course advice details page to view Flinders University and TAFE SA staff contact details and information sessions which you need to attend.

To enrol in to the Flinders University degree and to find other useful information, visit your personalised MyFlinders page.

Before enrolling at TAFE SA, you must attend an information session at TAFE SA. Find your course on the Course advice details page to display information session times and contact details for further advice. Once you have sought advice on topic selection at TAFE SA, your TAFE SA enrolment can be completed via the myTAFE SA portal.

How can I change my enrolment?

See the Flinders University Amending your enrolment page for information about adding, changing and withdrawing from topics at Flinders University.  Note that withdrawing from topics may affect your eligibility for Centrelink payments.  Also visit the Flinders University leave from study page if you need to take a break from your course for more than one semester.

Amending your enrolment at one institution does not automatically amend your enrolment at the other institution. Make sure that you amend your enrolment at both Flinders University and at TAFE SA where required.

You must withdraw before the census date to avoid incurring student contribution amounts, tuition fees and student services and amenities fees. See the Flinders University Dates page for important enrolment and semester dates at Flinders University.

Note that your TAFE SA topics may have a different census date to your Flinders University topics.

If you are applying for leave from study from Flinders University, then you will be expected to apply for leave from study from TAFE SA unless you intend to study towards the TAFE qualification only.

How do I obtain my student ID card?

You will be issued a student ID card from both Flinders University and TAFE SA.

You can obtain your Flinders University student ID card once you have enrolled in Flinders University topics.  For information on how to request a Flinders University student ID card please visit the Student ID card page.

Although your enrolment status on your student ID card may be displayed as 'part-time', you can obtain a full-time enrolment sticker for your card from Flinders Connect if you are enrolled full-time between Flinders University and TAFE SA.  You may need to provide documentation to show that you are currently enrolled at TAFE SA, such as your confirmation of enrolment or TAFE SA ID card.  See the Student ID card page for information about obtaining a sticker to update your Flinders University ID card.

You can obtain your TAFE SA student ID card by visiting Client Services at your TAFE SA campus.  See the TAFE SA Student ID card website for more information.

What are the fees in 2017?

At Flinders University, all undergraduate courses are Commonwealth supported for domestic students.  This means that the cost of study is shared between the Australian Government and you. You are required to pay a student contribution amount for each topic that you are enrolled in at Flinders University. See the 2017 Student Contribution Amount page for information about how much each of your Flinders University topics will cost.

Student services and amenities fees are charged in addition to student contribution amounts for each Flinders University topic that you are enrolled in.

TAFE SA topics incur a tuition fee, separate to Flinders University student contribution amounts.  See the TAFE SA Fees & payments page for information about how your TAFE SA topics are charged and what payment options are available.

Fees are incurred at both Flinders University and TAFE SA as you enrol in topics at each institution.  Make sure that you are aware of your fees and the relevant due dates at each institution.

Can I defer my fees?

Eligible students (Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders or New Zealand citizens who have been long-term residents of Australia since childhood and meet certain eligibility criteria (see the Study Assist website for details)) can defer their Flinders University student contribution amounts charged for each topic to the Australian Taxation Office via a HECS-HELP loan. See the HECS-HELP page for information about the scheme and how to defer student contribution amounts to HECS-HELP. 

Student services and amenities fees can also be deferred by eligible students via SA-HELP.

Note that permanent residents and most New Zealand citizens are not eligible to defer fees and must pay their student contribution amounts and student services and amenities fees upfront.

See the TAFE SA VET FEE-HELP page for information about whether you can defer your TAFE SA tuition fees.

Am I eligible for Centrelink payments?

Dual awards are recognised by Centrelink as eligible courses for students to receive Centrelink payments.  Students are normally enrolled at both institutions.

Students in receipt of Centrelink payments must be enrolled in at least 75% of a full-time load each semester between their Flinders University and TAFE SA enrolment. If Centrelink require proof of your enrolment, then you must obtain your confirmation of enrolment from both Flinders University and TAFE SA.

To have your Flinders University Confirmation of Enrolment emailed to your Flinders University email address, log in to the Student System and go to the 'My Enrolment' tab.  Click on the 'View My Current Enrolment' link in the side menu and click on the 'Get my Confirmation of Enrolment by email' button.

TAFE SA can supply you with an enrolment confirmation letter to prove your TAFE SA study load. Please request this from the reception at your TAFE SA campus.

If you need further assistance regarding the confirmation of your enrolment for Centrelink purposes, please submit an online support request to Ask Flinders.

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