The way your topic will be taught, eg lectures, practicals, tutorials, seminars, etc.

Census date
The day on which student contribution amounts or tuition fees are incurred.

Each activity may have one or more classes in which teaching is repeated to small groups, eg you may need to choose between a number of tutorial classes, or the lectures may be repeated at a later time.

Combined degrees
Two courses studied at the same time. Cross-credit reduces the total time you study eg Law/Commerce.

Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF)
An online form required for Commonwealth supported students and to defer fees.

Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)
An electronic statement of Commonwealth support, including student contribution amounts and/or HELP loans.

Commonwealth supported student
A domestic student studying an undergraduate degree or a Commonwealth supported (government subsidised) postgraduate course.

Core topics
Compulsory subjects (topics) which form the basis of your course.

A program of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate.

Course coordinator
The person responsible for a particular course who can advise you on such matters as topic selection, study program, and problems with study.

Course rule
A statement of the completion requirements and program of study for your course. Read the course rule and seek advice if you do not understand what is required.

Delaying the start of a course of study by one year (commencing students only). If you have already enrolled, then you need to withdraw from topics before you can defer.

Distance education
Topics held off-campus, with flexible online learning.

Double degrees
Also two courses studied at the same time however they cannot be studied as independent courses eg Education/Health Sciences.

Elective/option topics
Topics that can be chosen as part of your course.

You enrol in core and/or elective/option topics. Enrolment in topics will result in student contribution amounts or tuition fees being charged to your Fee Account.

Fee Account
A system-generated statement of fees and associated information including payment dates.

Flinders Authentication Name (FAN)
Your personal username for accessing online systems at Flinders University

Leave of absence
A one-year period of leave from study (continuing students only).

A sequence of topics required to be taken as defined in your course rule, normally across all years of a course.

A sequence of topics required to be taken as defined in your course rule, generally as part of a major.

Postgraduate fee-paying student
A domestic student studying a postgraduate degree which is not Commonwealth supported.

You need to register into individual classes to attend those class times. If there is only one class available you will be automatically registered.

The academic year is divided into two semesters for most teaching. Some topics are held in summer and other non-semester periods.

Student contribution amount
Your contribution as a Commonwealth supported student to the cost of your course, the Government pays the balance.

Student services and amenities fee
A compulsory fee to be used for prescribed student support services and amenities which are of a non-academic nature.

A subject that forms part of your course. A full-time first year student will normally enrol in four topics in each semester, depending on their course requirements.

Topic code
An alphanumeric code that identifies a topic by subject area and level, eg BIOL1112 Biology and Society. Quote the code whenever you are making enquiries or enrolling in a topic.

Topic Coordinator
The person responsible for a topic. Direct any topic related queries to your topic coordinator.

Tuition fee
The cost of your study as a fee-paying student.

Each topic is given a weighting in units. Full-time students normally complete 18 units each semester, or 36 units a year. A 3-year course requires the successful completion of 108 units that meet the course requirements.

Upper level classes
Classes for topics of a level of study above the first year of an undergraduate degree, including all postgraduate topics.

A reserve list of students where a class is full.

To change topics or not continue studying a topic, you must withdraw your enrolment in that topic. When you withdraw you will be automatically removed from all class registrations.