International students applying for admission to Flinders courses will normally be able to complete their enrolment and class registration soon after meeting International Centre admission requirements. 

For students applying for on-shore study, this means you can complete your enrolment and class registration prior to your arrival in Australia. You will be advised by email when you can commence your enrolment. The email will be sent to your university email address.


Passport and visa details

Some international on-shore students are required to have their passport and visa details cited at Flinders Connect, located on Level 0 of the Central Library at the Bedford Park campus.  Please follow the instructions from the International Student Services (ISS) when you arrive in Australia.


Orientation and introduction sessions

Orientation and other helpful introductory sessions are available for international students. For more information contact the International Student Services (ISS) located in the Union Building (Basement level).


Student visa holder responsibilities

As an international student studying in Australia on a student visa you have responsibilities to comply with obligations and conditions set down by the Australian Government. These include:

  • Satisfy your student visa conditions;
  • Maintain your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the period of your stay;
  • Notify the University through the Student Information System if you change your address; and
  • Maintain satisfactory course progress.

The University is required to monitor these conditions and report to the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) . Please make sure you are familiar with, and comply with, the following obligations.

Full-time study/part-time study

You are expected to study at a normal full-time rate to ensure you can complete within the time specified on your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) and/or student visa.

To do this, you should enrol in 36 units per year, or 18 units per semester. Your course coordinator can assist you plan your studies to meet these requirements. If you have obtained credit for previous study this may affect your approved duration of study and visa status. If you choose to study less than full-time you may not complete your course within the timeframe specified on your eCoE and/or student visa. You may be unable to extend your student visa to complete your studies.

The University can only issue a new eCoE for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a compassionate or compelling circumstance (eg illness, where a medical certificate states that you were unable to attend classes, or where the University was unable to offer a pre-requisite topic); or
  • You are not making satisfactory progress and are participating in a University intervention strategy; or
  • You have been granted approved leave (Note: this may effect your student visa).

If you are not eligible for a new eCoE, you will not be permitted to extend your student visa and will be at risk of not completing your course in Australia.

Distance/online learning topics

Up to 25% of your course may be taken by distance/online learning:

  • You may not enrol exclusively in distance/online learning topics in Semester 1 or Semester 2, you must take face-to-face topics as well.
  • You may enrol exclusively in distance/online learning topics in Non-Semester 1 or Non-Semester 2.
  • If you are in your last semester of study, with one topic remaining to complete your degree, you may take a Non-Semester distance/online learning topic.

If you are concerned that your student visa does not reflect the time you need to complete your course, please 'Request Support' via the Ask Flinders website.

Withdrawing from topics

Please be aware that if you withdraw from a topic, you may not complete your degree in the expected timeframe. If you withdraw from all topics your student visa may be cancelled. Before you make any decision regarding withdrawal from any/all topics, please seek assistance from a Faculty academic counsellor or the International Student Services (ISS).

Approved leave

You may apply to defer or suspend your studies but only in compassionate or compelling circumstances that are generally beyond your control and that have an impact on your studies. These could include:

  • illness, where a medical certificate states that you were unable to attend classes;
  • the death of a close family member such as a parent or grandparent (where possible a death certificate should be provided);
  • major political upheaval or natural disaser in your home country requiring your emergency travel and where this has impacted on your studies; or
  • the University being unable to offer a pre-requisite topic.

The University is required to notify DIBP if you are granted leave. Even if your leave is approved your student visa status may be affected.

Early completion

The University is required to notify DIBP if you complete your course more than one month earlier that the expected course end date on your eCoE.

Further information

For further immigration advice please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. You can also access information about the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act and Regulations, and the National Code of Practice 2007, on the Australian Education International website.


International student fee information

Details of fees for international students can be found on the International Centre Fees and Costs page.


Student services and amenities fee

The student services and amenities fee is used to support the range of services of a non academic nature provided to students.

As a general principle it is expected that all students will pay this fee irrespective of course or course level.  However some exceptions may apply, please refer to student services and amenities for additional details.