You may apply to enrol in one or more topics as a non-award student if you do not want to be admitted to a formal course of study.

See also the University's Enrolment Policy and Procedures for more information on non-award study.

Non-award study cost

Students permitted to study one or more single topics will pay a fee for enrolment which is at least equal to the highest student contribution amount rate (for undergraduate topics) or the Postgraduate Coursework Tuition Fee rate (for postgraduate topics) for each topic.

Check the student contribution amounts for your topics by entering the subject area (e.g. ENGL) in the box:

Student services and amenities fee

It is expected that all students will pay this fee irrespective of course or course level.  However some exceptions may apply, please refer to the student services and amenities fees page for additional details.

Note that under government legislation, as a non-award student, you are ineligible to obtain a SA-HELP loan for your student services and amenities fee (SSAF) and these fees must be paid upfront.

Non-award enrolment

  1. Search for subjects (called topics at Flinders) that you wish to enrol in on the Flinders Topics page, by selecting your 'Subject Area' and click 'Display Topics' to check the timetable details.
  2. Once you have identified the topic(s) you wish to undertake, submit the completed Non-award enrolment form (PDF 65KB) via Ask Flinders. Be sure to attach any relevant supporting documents.
  3. Your application will be reviewed. If approval is granted, you will be notified of the decision and provided with your Student ID number.
  4. You will be required to activate your FAN (Flinders Authentication Name) before you can enrol. Once you have activated your FAN you’ll have access to your Flinders dashboard which provides access to a range of University systems.
  5. You will manage your enrolment online via the Student System. From the 'My Enrolment' tab, you will need to confirm your personal details and accepted the enrolment declaration. You will then be able to select topics for enrolment and register in classes. See Enrol in topics and register for classes for detailed instructions.
  6. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to access your Confirmation of Enrolment (from the 'My Enrolment' tab), view your Fee Account (via the 'MyFinances' tab) and pay your fees including the student services and amenities fee (also from the 'My Finances' tab).

You must ensure you are enrolled by the census date. Flinders University cannot accept an enrolment after the census date.

Accessing Flinders University systems as a non-award student

To access Flinders systems, you need to activate your Flinders account, or Flinders Authentication Name (FAN). Once you have activated your account, you will have access to your Flinders dashboard. Find out more about the Flinders dashboard.