Enrolment policies

This section covers policies specifically related to enrolment. All students are expected to familiarise themselves with the policies and procedures relating to study at Flinders University. Matters such as student conduct, assessment, academic integrity, computer facility rules, and prizes and awards are detailed there.

Enrolment Declaration

As part of the online enrolment process, students are required to read and accept the Enrolment Declaration in the Student System for each course that they are enrolling in to.  This must be completed before selecting and enrolling in topics.  See the Getting enrolled at Flinders pages for more information about how to enrol at Flinders University.

Credit for previous study

If you believe you should receive credit towards your current course for previous studies at Flinders or another tertiary institution, discuss this with the College prior to enrolment. Applications for credit are available online and should be submitted as soon as possible. View the credit transfer policy.

Enrolment load / workload

A standard full-time workload is 36 units and student contributions and tuition fees are calculated on this basis (although different requirements apply for Austudy/Youth Allowance). A unit normally involves about two hours of student effort per week (including classes and individual study during the specified teaching period but not fieldwork) although there are variations between courses.

Students may enrol in a topic or topics comprising more than 36 units, but not more than 45 units, in any year without special approval. Students who wish to enrol in a topic or topics comprising more than 22.5 units in a semester must seek approval from the staff member responsible for approval of variations to their programs. See Enrolment Policy and Procedures (PDF) for more information about study load.

Over enrolment in a course

Students who enrol in topics which will not count towards their course (eg only 4.5 units are required for completion but the student wishes to enrol in 9 units) will be required to enrol in the additional topic as a non-award student and pay the non-award tuition fees.

Topic prerequisites and waivers

Students will not be permitted to enrol in topics without meeting any required prerequisites unless they have obtained a formal waiver from the topic coordinator. Topic prerequisites are contained in the topic description for each topic.


Fee policies